Friday, January 27, 2017

Toreta! - H-Mart

Toreta! - H-Mart
Another case of pretty packaging pulling me in. I spotted this simple, but stunning, bottle in the chilled drink section of my local H-Mart and I fell in love with the illustrations and pops of color. When I picked one up I noticed it was some kind of fruit and veggie drink, with kale, apples, cabbage, and fruits...but it was 100% clear! How could this be? It must be witchcraft, right? Or at the very least, it must taste awful. I loved the labeling, and I was intrigued by the product, so into my cart it went.
When I took closer look at the nutritional label I noticed that this has absolutely no vitamins in it...which is strange. Usually the reason why you advertise a product being filled with fruits and veggies it's because it's being marketed as an easy way to get nutrients and vitamins into your diet. If there are no vitamins, no fiber, and it only uses .4% fruit and veggie juice, what is this product really about?
According to google, hydration. This is a fancy fruit and veggie themed Gatorade. (Which explains the added sodium.)
So, what we really have here is Korean, clear, fruit and veggie flavored sports drink. Not as exciting as what I had hoped, given the adorable illustrations, but it might still taste good. 
Once opened, the liquid inside smells salty, citrusy, and a little bitter. Honestly, it smells like fruit sweat, but that's pretty normal for sports drinks meant to keep you hydrated. 
It tastes mild but you know what? It is pretty refreshing. It has a more natural flavoring to it than Gatorade, Powerade and all those other electrolyte-filled products. (Electrolytes, it's what plants crave.) I imagine that this would be refreshing to chug after a game, or when you're leaving the gym, but for me, sitting here at my graphic design desk, it tastes a little bit like orange baby Aspirin. The more I sip on it, the more medicinal it tastes, and with my giant quart-sized "drinky-jar" I sip on every day, I'm not really in need of intense hydration. 
This Toreta! might taste a little more natural than the sports drinks we have here in America, but it's not a night-and-day difference worthy of it's pricey import price tag. I wouldn't kick it out of my fridge, but I wouldn't buy more of it either. I plan on drinking the rest of this after tonight's 30-day challenge workout and that'll be that.
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