Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pistachio Gelato - Aldi

Pistachio Gelato - Aldi $3.99
Sorry I missed yesterday's post. I'm currently in shortsale-home-buyers-hell. (Which is a misnomer, since it's anything but short.) It's a process I started in early October, and we're nearing the (possible) end next month, so things are getting REALLY intense. I'll try to keep up with blog posts as best I can but, In the meantime, I could really use some ice cream. (And super comfy sweatpants.)
I'm fresh out of ice cream, and there's no way I'm putting real-people-pants back on to go out and buy some, so gelato will have to do.
The packaging looks decent, it's got some lovely imagery and colors, but the plastic tub makes this gelato feel cheap. (Which it was.) 
Now, I'm barely clinging to sanity as it is, but I could not get this thing open. There's a little plastic piece on the edge/lip of the container that you're supposed to snap off to get easier access to the rim of the lid, but when I broke it off, there was still more plastic in my way. I contemplated smashing it open with a hammer, but I took a deep breath, realized I didn't want to pick tiny chunks of plastic out of my dessert (or ruin my review photos), so I grabbed the utility scissors instead. I snipped away the extra plastic in my way, and after a lot of grumbling and cursing it was finally open! (Hooray.)
It may have been a huge pain to open, but it did a great job of keeping the gelato fresh. This has been in the back of my freezer for months, and there is no sign of freezer burn, very minimal ice crystals, and the texture was soft and easily scoopable. Plus, the gelato inside was really photogenic. 
So pretty... The base is a lovely pale green color, with a generous amount of crumbled pistachios on top. This is similar to the pans of gelato I saw Italy a few years ago. 
Today's there's no need for scoops and fancy photo-friendly bowls. I grabbed a big ol' spoon and dug right in. (After all, who am I trying to impress?) 
This is not gelato. Whatever this is, it's texture is very light and creamy, similar to the foam-like texture of those giant tubs of cheap "ice cream" you can buy at the grocery store, and it tastes...not very pistachio-y, but it's pleasant enough. The ingredients don't list almond extract, but that is what this tastes like. A light and fluffy grocery store ice cream tub version of pistachio/almond ice cream. It's sweet, creamy, and the nuts on top add a nice crunch with some more realistic almond flavoring, but as far as pistachio gelato is concerned...this ain't it. 
Even so, I'm going to eat the entire thing anyway. For what it is, it's pretty yummy, and comforting. I like it, but I'm not in love with it. If anyone buys this expecting real Italian pistachio gelato, you'll be very disappointed, but if you're approaching a nervous breakdown and want something sweet to eat in your blanket cocoon while watching Netflix and avoiding all adult's great. I'd buy it again. (For the record, b/f thinks it's just OK. He wishes it tasted more like real pistachios.) 
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  1. Have you tried the Imported Gelato (Shoprite brand) before? I picked that up a couple months ago and honestly I don't think anything could be more disappointing after that one! It was like eating mousse, not gelato! Don't get me wrong, it was good, just not a frozen dessert at all and I felt lied to :p

  2. You are in good company. We bought this exact same product at Aldi here in Chicago. It took me 5 minutes to get the lid off. I tried pliers, I tried using my teeth, nothing worked! I thought I was on Candid Camera.

  3. I've bought the same thing- and I've bought store brand Gelato (imported from Italy) at supermarkets, and they are much the same texture. My feeling is that this IS Gelato, but a commercial sort, made to be shelf stable. Not bad for what it is, and fine for the price, but best if you want a frozen dessert that is soft and scoopable right out of the freezer.