Monday, January 23, 2017

Girl Thin Mints Project 7 Mints & ANOTHER Project 7 rant - Target $1.99

Girl Thin Mints Project 7 Mints - Target $1.99
Are you sick of Girl Scout reviews? You're in luck! This is the last item I've got in my stash. (Until I find the caramel breakfast cereal anyway.) It may not be as exciting as the promise of cookies for breakfast, or as innovative as caramel coconut flavored chewing gum, but this was the product I was most excited for because a mint-cookie-to-breath-mint transition makes perfect sense. 
 If you want to skip my Project 7 rant, scroll down to the BOLDED text

My first ever Project 7 review was on their peppermint vanilla mints, which had a redundant name, but they tasted lovely. Now a days they're hard to find. I don't even see them listed on their website anymore. Back in 2012 the company sold a bunch of different breath mints in little vials which benefited different causes. It was really cool packaging, but it didn't last. When they got "mainstream" with their cool ziplock packages, they limited their mint offerings to silver foiled pouches of peppermint vanilla mints, but they never expanded upon that line of products. In fact, they started phasing out the whole mint idea (along with their other start-up products) and threw all their efforts into chewing gum.

If you ask me, it wasn't a great move on their part. I get it, it's better to limit offerings so you can better focus on a specific type of product and branch out as the company grows and brand recognition strengthens, but Americans aren't chewing gum like they used to. Not to mention, their new flavors have left me feeling...kind of annoyed, honestly. After being burned by countless gimmicky flavors of the week, I now have a Pavlovian aversion to Project 7 chewing gums. Hearing that they've released new flavors makes me cringe, since I feel obligated as a food blogger to review them, and 9 times out of 10, they taste like fake sugar and regret. I have a mini Project 7 graveyard in my snack drawer of all the bum flavors I've reviewed over the years. I put them out at parties and gatherings, and it seems I'm not alone in my general disappointment. After one piece, no one wants more. The mints, on the other hand, went like crazy! I have no idea why they aren't pursuing a line of mints, which to me is a far superior product, but maybe this limited edition Girl Scout release can light the way for a new product line.

That is...if it tastes good. As I said, I have high hopes, but I won't know for sure if this is a winner until I try it, so without further rambling, let's get our mint on!
Opening this was far more difficult than it should be. I struggled for a bit, saw broken nails in my future, and passed it off to my b/f to pry open instead. Even after the initial seal is broken, it's still really hard to open, which kind of sucks for long-nailed people like me, but the bright side is that there's no way this thing will accidentally pop open in your purse or backpack. It's sturdy AF. (As the kids would say.)

Inside you can see the adorable pale green and ashy-cocoa 2-toned mints, and they smell...exactly like Andes chocolate mints. I LOVE those things! For the most part the aroma is a sweet, tingly, mint, but there's a fair amount of chocolate in there as well. Very appealing, and the minty-ness covers up all the fake sugars. I'm hype!

I popped a little mint into my mouth and, from what I can tell, each color is it's own distinct flavor. The brown side tastes chocolatey, and the green side has a sweet peppermint-y flavor. If you're a cruncher (like me) the minty-ness with overpower the chocolatey flavoring. So if the cookie experience is what you're looking for, crunching isn't the way to go. However, if you savor your mints, you get a really authentic Thin Mints cookie experience! It's darn impressive!
Finally, a non-cookie Girl Scout product I can endorse! These mints are awesome. They made my mouth feel clean after a long day of food blogging and snacking, they freshened my breath with a long lasting minty feeling, and I honestly think these could satisfy a late night Girl Scout cookie craving! Sure, mint cookies being made into mints isn't wacky and interesting like these other Wonka-esque Girl Scout products, but this one really DELIVERS. If you're only going to buy one novelty Girl Scout item, I'd say this is the one to get.

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