Sunday, January 22, 2017

Girl Scouts Project 7 Chewing Gum - Target $1.99 (each)

Girl Scouts Project 7 Chewing Gum - Target $1.99 (each)
Hello darkness, my old friend... 
I have a love/hate relationship with Project 7 products. They have great packaging, they support wonderful causes, and they had some really delicious products back when they were first introduced. Since their initial launch, they've branched out into all these trendy flavors of the week and, frankly, these new flavors have all been misses for me. They taste really fake and eating them is more like a chore than a joy. Every time I swear off their products, they drag me back in with intriguing items like this. I mean, it's Girl Scout Cookie GUM! (I am pretty sure they'd take away my non-existent food-blogger card if I skipped this one.) So, here we are again. I'll give Proect 7 the Benefit of a doubt...but my gut tells me this was a mistake.
First up, Caramel Coconut (AKA Samoas, AKA Caramel Delights). 
I opened the package and, at a distance, this gum smells pretty awesome. It's more sugarless-coffee-syrup-like than cookie-like, but it's really pleasant. I can smell caramel, coconut, and plenty of general sweetness. Great! However, up close and smells awful. I'm not sure if it's the gum, or the packaging, but getting closer, this smells like artificial sweetener and burning plastic. NOPE. 
Oh wow, these aren't white!! I can't remember the last time I have a Project 7 gum that wasn't stark white! This impresses me more than it should. 
I popped a caramel piece into my mouth's not awful, but it's not great either. It tastes like sugar-less caramel coffee syrup mixed with sugarless chocolate syrup. I'm not a fan of Diet sodas and other fake-sugar products, so I didn't enjoy this, but it's not the worst Project 7 gum I've ever had. I gave some to my b/f...and he immediately spat it out. He was NOT a fan and he really hated the aftertaste. (Poor b/f is really hating these Girl Scout products, but he's a trooper and tries them anyway.)

Time for Thin Mints. This one should translate into a gum WAY better, after all, it is already mint-flavored, and that's half the battle, right?
Once opened, the smell immediately reminded my of the one and only toothpaste I've ever reviewed on the blog, Crest Be Adventurous Chocolate Mint. (Still not entirely sure if I was allergic to that stuff or not, but it seems to have disappeared from the shelves, so I guess I'll never know.) Again, due to the artificial sugars, this smells like some kind of sugar-free coffee syrup, but it's also reminiscent of the (now retired) mint chocolate chip ice cream Dessert Delights gum. So far, so good.

I popped a piece into my mouth and it's pretty good! The chocolate flavoring is stronger than I expected, and the cooling mint distracts me from all the fake sugars, which means this one is pretty great! Plus, it's impressively Thin Mints-like for a sugar free chewing gum. It's not something I'd buy again, but I can easily finish this packet off, unlike the Caramel Coconut ones. This one got the b/f seal of approval, but even so he wouldn't buy a whole package for himself.

These Project 7 gums aren't the worst thing I've ever had, and they're a fun novelty, but that's all these really are for me, a novelty. I'll try to finish off what I have, which will take a while, but I'd never repurchase either flavor. Keep in mind, I hate fake sugars and diet-style products. They all taste like chemicals to me, but those of you who like sugar-free and diet products, might really dig it.

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  1. Wished that they would not do with the fake sugar. They both sounds good