Saturday, January 21, 2017

Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cereal - Target $2.99

Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cereal - Target $2.99
All aboard the Girl Scout Cookie hype train! This year we've got cereals, chewing gums, and mints to add to the annual cookie craze, but only two of the most popular flavors made the cut: Thin Mints and Samoas/Caramel Delights. 
That's right! You can now enjoy Thin Mints cereal, mints, and gum, as well as Samoa/Caramel Delight flavored cereal and gum. (Although if any of you follow my fellow foodie bloggers this is old news.) 
The chewing gums and mints are made by Project 7, which I have a love/hate relationship with, but the cereals are made by General Mills, who really know their stuff, so I was excited to see how these cookies translated into cereal form. So, without further delay, let's have some cookies for breakfast!!

Against a stark white background, the box seems bold and colorful, but when it's surrounded by a sea of other cereals it easily blends in with the crowd. I walked past it twice and didn't notice it at all! I actually found someone who worked at Target, asked them about it, and they brought me back to the cereal aisle and showed me that it was right there on the shelves the whole time. Admittedly, it has been a VERY long week and I barely have two brain cells left to rub together, but I thought it's camouflage-skills were worth noting. (Possibly merit-badge-worthy?)
On the backside of the box we have a colorful flowchart about conservation showing you what badge you've earned with your current efforts, and tips to reach the next level. As a recycling-loving-hippie, I love this. It's colorful, informative, and playful. Everything you'd expect from a Girl Scouts cereal box.
I opened up the bag and took a whiff, and these little chocolate cereal disks smell exactly like Thin Mint cookies. My b/f agrees, these smell amazing! I've actually never had a mint flavored cereal before, but I love Thin Mints and milk, so it's only logical that a cereal version should be equally delicious, but...

These may smell rich, chocolate-y, and minty, but the flavoring falls flat. They're good, but not as good as I had hoped. The cereal is light and crunchy, similar in texture to Cookie Crisp, but it has a very light Cocoa Puff chocolate-y-ness, with a mild hint of mint. It's not the POW in-your-face-cookie delicious-ness I really wanted. The more I eat this, the more Cocoa Puff-like this tastes, and the less impressed I am.
Usually cereal flavors like these shine when eaten dry, but I HAD to try this in milk. It's a cookie cereal, it NEEDS milk. Sadly, it washed away some of the flavoring making the cereal even blander. The leftover minty chocolate milk is a treat, but overall the cereal left me craving the real deal. (Which could have been their plan all along!) I gave some to my b/f and he wasn't wow'd either. In particular he didn't care for the lingering minty aftertaste, but he also doesn't like Cocoa Puffs, so he's broken. 
UPDATE 1/23/17: K tried the cereal today and she loved it, so I gave her the box. So it's really all about personal tastes.
In the end, this won't satisfy your Girl Scout Cookie cravings, but it's an okay cereal, although I wouldn't buy it again. The flavor profile is too similar to Cocoa Puffs, or Cookie Crisp. Take either of those and eat them with some minty milk and you've pretty much got the same exact thing, if not better. 
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