Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cotton Candy Twinkies - Walmart

Cotton Candy Twinkies - Walmart
Three reviews in a row! I'm finally getting back on my feet!

With Summer in full swing I figured there was no better time to review these Cotton Candy Twinkies.

Okay, packaging time! The color choices and simplistic illustrations in the background are giving off some fun pastel boardwalk/carnival vibes and as a Jersey shore girl, I'm loving it. However, Twinkie The Kid has his fans, but I'm not one of them. I think the design would be a lot more modern and appealing without him.

Inside are 10 individually wrapped little snack cakes. They look just like normal Twinkies, until you notice the little filling injection sites on the bottom are pink instead of white. (Such a serious and professional way to discuss frosting-holes.)
Smell-wise, I detect the classic (slightly oily) vanilla snack cake aroma with a hint of artificial strawberry. To be fair, I have had strawberry flavored pink cotton candy in the past, so it's not completely off-base, but I'm not getting the burnt sugar notes I've gotten from other cotton candy flavored products in the past. (Like these delicious Oreos.)
I took a bite, and after you get past the yellow cake exterior, the interior is sweet and surprisingly fruity. It's fairly cotton candy-like, but more like the never-deflating cotton candy sold in tubs at the Dollar Tree. Just strawberry flavored. None-the-less, it is cotton candy like and pretty pleasant, but it's not incredibly authentic and it's far from my favorite Twinkie Flavor. (Which is Banana, in case you were interested.)

On the other hand, my b/f turned up his nose when he saw the box, thinking that cotton candy flavoring would ruin Twinkies (one of his favorite snacks), but in the end he nearly polished off this box all by himself. When asked, he may say they were just "okay," but he was sad to see them go, and nearly stole the one off my desk I had for reviewing purposes. So even though I wasn't the biggest fan of this particular flavor, other people may find them irresistible.
If you're a fan of classic Twinkies, I'd say these are definitely worth checking out. My b/f loved them, and even though they aren't my favorite Twinkie flavor ever released, I still enjoyed them quite a bit myself.
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