Tuesday, July 4, 2017

America POP flavored gum - Walmart

America POP flavored gum - Walmart 
'Merica Pop, that you can't stop
I know you chew this 'Merica pop
This must be, GUM

I graduated high school when "Dirty Pop" by *Nsync was on the radio, and now Justin Timberlake is voicing a blue CG troll. Life is weird.

Happy Fourth of July my fellow Americans! It's time for a holiday/seasonally appropriate review! In the past I've reviewed America themed Skittles and  Red White & Blue Tic-Tacs, but this year we've got America Pop gum from Juicy Fruit.

I had to buy a three pack just to try this flavor, so fingers crossed it's good!
First off, I want to gush about this design. A lot of companies cash-in on patriotism this time of year by slapping the American flag, or it's colors, on packaging to make a quick buck. It works for all the themed parties and BBQs people buy them for, but this item is meant for one person to enjoy. Meaning, it's not something you would put out on a table at a party or typically share with a crowd, but it looks so awesome! They mixed their recognizable bright yellow with the flags colors while keeping things bright and modern and fresh. The colors work really nicely with one another, and the type-choices were all really well thought out. It's a pity this pack is doomed to be hidden in purses and pockets.
Inside we have several strips of individually wrapped chewing gum . Pretty standard, nothing much to see here.

Unwrapped, the strips of gum are a bright blue color, and they smell like blue raspberry and lemonade. Nice!

I popped a piece into my mouth and it's really good! It lacks the cherry notes that I look for in a real-life bomb pop, but the citrus and blueberry were definitely there. It's not a spot-on recreation of this frozen treat, but it's darn close!

I can't really tell if the citrus is meant to be lemon or lime (I've seen popsicles like this with either of those flavors over the years), but the chewing comes off as a bright, sweet, and slightly tangy blueberry lemonade, and the flavor actually lasts for quite some time. Well, that might be a bit generous. I'd say the intense initial flavoring lasts maybe 7-10 minutes, but afterwards it still has a mild citrus flavoring for another 8-10 minutes, so all-in-all, it has a decent flavor payoff for a basic chewing gum.

This is a bright, enjoyable, fruity flavoring that if perfect for summer. In the end, I'm happy I got the three pack, and so far everyone that has tried it, loves it! If you're looking for a seasonal staple to keep in your purse for after meal-chewing, or a little pick-me-up while you're working at your desk, this is a really well done (affordable) one, and I highly recommend it!
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