Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Best Redbull flavor ever?

Grapefruit Twist Redbull (Summer Edition) - Wawa, $2.50 (2 for $5 deal)
Thank the skincare gods, I am nearly free of poison sumac!

In case you missed the memo, about 60% of my body was effected by poison sumac after cleaning my yard last weekend. On the bright-side, I now know what sumac looks like and it's been ripped out (root & stem while wearing gloves) and thoroughly poisoned. (Fighting fire with fire! Suck it sumac!)

Now that I'm healing, I have a lot of catching up to do. It's time to call in the caffeine-cavalry. I rarely drink energy drinks, heck, I only drink coffee a handful of times a year, but desperate times call for desperate measures...actually my boyfriend has been on a Redbull kick and when he brought this home for himself I was so intrigued that I went out and got another one just to write this review. 
The can is bright magenta with silver text, but the flavor name is written in a yellow-orange grapefruit-color. Normally I relate grapefruit flavored products to a pale blush shade, so I would have passed this by thinking it was fruit punch or watermelon or something. Thanks to my boyfriend, I didn't. I guess they were going for a ruby-red grapefruit kind of look, but that's more of a fancy name than a visibly recognizable flavor. 

The bull-logos and layouts for all the Redbull flavors are the same, just with different boldly colored backgrounds. Alone, the cans are appealing and colorful, but I think they look best when they're lined up together in the refrigerated drink section with the rest of the flavors. It's like a chunky rainbow! On the backside of the can the bull logo gets in the way of reading the nutritional information, not a huge fan of that, but I can live with it. Overall this is a decent design.

Once opened, the liquid inside smells sweet and tangy, very reminiscent of Fresca (another grapefruit themed soda) and the pale pink grapefruit flavored Sunkist Fruit Gems I fish out of the candy bowls at work. I do detect the artificial tang associated with most energy drinks, but the grapefruit flavoring does a fairly good job masking it.
I poured it into a glass for a closer look and it was way darker than I thought it would be. (Still pretty though.) I took a sip and...

This is the best Redbull ever. The sweet but tart citrus flavoring is refreshing, like Fresca, with a dry citrus-peel finish that masks all the fake chemical flavoring I normally find in energy drinks. Like all Redbull products it's very sweet, and fairly carbonated, but compared to other flavors I have had in the past, this is far more refreshing. Safe to say, I love it. 

I rarely drink these things, so when I do, the caffeine hits me HARD. I drank this around 7PM after work and after making dinner. Since then I have done a load of laundry, folded another load of laundry, washed a load of dishes, cleaned up the house, packaged all my Etsy orders, taken out the recycling, made dessert (ice cream with mini churros, cinnamon sugar and caramel sauce), prepared the materials for my event tomorrow, photographed 5 more items to review, wrote this review, and edited a handful of photos. It's now 12:30AM and I am starting to feel the crash coming. As well as my usual after-energy-drink headache. This didn't turn me into the Energizer bunny, but normally I'd be passed out on the couch re-watching The Office on Netflix, so I'd say the energy boost definitely lived up to the brand's reputation. Then again, I'm a light weight. My Redbull addicted boyfriend can drink two of these and still pass out watching Michael Scott's antics, so it's all about individual tolerances. 
If you normally hate energy drinks, but need a little boost, I highly recommend this flavor. It's the best energy drink flavor I have ever had, and I may shed a tear or two this fall when it disappears. I might even stock up a few cans, which is something I have never done with any energy-themed product before. However, I'd like this even more if it were just a normal soda without the intense energy properties. There's always Fresca, but it's just not the same.
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