Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Are You PURERAL? Sour Watermelon Gummies from Kabaya

Pureral Sour Gummy Candy (Watermelon flavor) -  H-Mart
Pureral? Sounds like an off-brand hand sanitizer, and as I type this my web browser keeps trying to autocorrect it into "Puberal," which, is hilarious. It's not a name that easily rolls off the tongue, but hopefully the candy inside is more appetizing. 
A week ago I planned on making DIY Poke/Sushi bowls for dinner, so I stopped at H-Mart to grab a few last-minute ingredients and one does not simply go to H-Mart without checking out the candy section. (You can't see it, but I am doing the Sean Bean hand thing. #oldmemeisold) Surprisingly, I didn't see anything new or interesting. Have I finally exhausted all that the H-Mart candy aisle has to offer? 
It took a bit of digging, but I spotted a few flavors of these Pureral gummies on a lower shelf which look like a variation of the PURE gummy candies I've had before, but now they're sour, and cube-shaped, with a filling! Of the flavors available (which were grape and some other safe-fruit flavoring I can't remember), watermelon sounded the most appealing, so...here we are!
Visually, the packaging is teetering into obnoxious territory. The gradient background is reminiscent of watermelon, but it's super saturated, and the text choices are bizarrely stylized. The lower, "Pureral," text is giving me art deco Great Gatsby vibes, and the one on top screams high school playbook. I don't hate the overall layout, intact, I like the layout quite a bit, it's more-so the typefaces I take issue with. Still, as far as packaging in concerned, I think this shows promise. (Also, they even put tiny watermelons on the very bottom?! Nice touch!)

Once opened, we can see that the pouch is resealable, which is always a very nice touch, but in this case...we get so little candy that I just don't see the point. Maybe it's because I am a gummy-loving food-blogging American, but this is just a handful's worth of candy. I could inhale these by myself in one sitting with absolutely no problem. 
Speaking of inhaling, how do these taste?
Smell-wise, these smell exactly like the watermelon flavored Jolly Rancher gummies. They're very tart, tangy, and not all that authentic when it comes to watermelon flavoring.  Growing up, Watermelon Jolly Ranchers were my favorite (and my mom's) so this is a welcome aroma, but I'm kind of shocked. Normally Asian gummy candies are more authentic to their fruity counter parts. This smells as artificial as all get out.  
I popped a cube into my mouth and it tasted just like Sour Trolli Watermelon slices, which aren't all that sour at all. The cubes have a stiff bite, but a soft chew, and all the sourness is limited to the outside sanding sugar. Inside, the gummies are mild, sweet, and filled with... even more gummy? I expected the jelly center to be syrupy and gooey, like a Gusher, but it's more of a gum-drop-like texture that has a very mild, but sweet, watermelon flavoring to it that is more authentic than it smelled, but still very artificial. 

These are yummy, but you don't get very many of them for your money, and the product inside isn't all that new or interesting. You'd be better off getting yourself a big ol' bag of Trolli Watermelon slices (which I adore) than seeking this specific product out. These cubes taste nearly identical to cheaper, more readily available, products already on the market, and the textural change up isn't enough to overcome those frugal faults.
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