Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cookie Spread Flavored Cookies, How META

Cookie Butter Oreo -  Walmart 2.98
Sorry for the radio (or blog?) silence. Things are changing up with my day job and it's pretty much turned my brain into mush. Speaking of mush, how about we eat some cookies that are supposed to taste like a product that tastes like mashed up cookies? How meta. 
Actually, we've already had a more "meta" Oreo, when they released the slap-in-the-face that is Cookies n' Creme. Which is the new Walmart-exclusive flavor that somehow won the popular vote against Caramel Apple and Jelly Donut. (Urge to make political jokes rising...) At the time, I was outraged that Cookies n' Creme won, but now that Jelly Donut got it's disappointing moment in the sun, I gotta say...maybe the popular vote going to Cookies n' Cream is a good thing after all. It's a safer, more marketable, flavor and would likely sell more easily. Still, why did a cookie-flavored-cookie like that cause outrage, while this cookie-flavored-cookie was celebrated?
I think Trader Joe's and their Speculoos cookie-hype kept this release from being torn apart by the foodie wolves. Who doesn't like speculoos? Kind of. I've had Trader Joe's speculoos in various forms, normal, pumpkin spice, cookies & cream...and they're good, but Biscoff is better. There. I said it. I threw down the cookie butter gauntlet. Biscoff never releases fun novelty flavors and variations, but their plain 'ol cookie butter is superior. At least, it is to me. I find that Biscoff has a less cloying sweetness and a slightly lighter consistency that makes for a more pleasant spiced-cookie-spread eating experience. 
And with that, I am excited to see if this filling is more Biscoff than it is Trader Joe's.
(Also, after reviewing 20+ Oreos over the years, with the packaging pretty much staying the same, I think I'll be skipping the packaging portion of Oreos reviews from here-on-out. They're just too generic. Slap a different foodie photo on the front and BOOM, new flavor. Been there, typed that.)  
Once opened, the cookies and their creme are nearly identical in color. The filling is a shade or two darker than the pale graham-colored sandwich cookies, and a little glossy, but visually, this is one of the least-contrasted Oreos I've ever photographed. 
I peeled back the plastic and the first thing I could smell was sweet and spicy cinnamon. The aroma is nearly identical to opening a package of cinnamon graham crackers. (A snacking favorite of mine and go-to s'more staple.) It's a sweet, spicy aroma and I absolutely love it. 
As always, we have to try the creme on it's own first, because that's where these limited edition flavors really shine.
On it's own, the creme is very soft, almost toothpaste-like in consistency, which is significantly lighter than Trader Joe's speculoos or Biscoff, and it's speckled with crunchy bits of cookie adding texture to the cinnamon-graham spread flavoring. I really love it and it's rather unique. It's lighter than Trader Joe's version, and less cloyingly sweet, but it's also lighter than Biscoff with more of an emphasis on cinnamon than any other spices. Pretty impressive.
Now, this cookie is meant to be graham flavored as well, which we've seen in other limited edition Oreos, like their S'more flavor. It's a mild, honey-style, graham cracker flavor, which is pleasant enough on it's own, like a more flavorful Animal Cracker, but I needs a filling or something to spice it up. I don't think I would eat a pack of these on their own, the way I would chocolate Oreo cookies. 
Combined, they smell amazing, but the eating experience is a bit lack-luster. I honestly think it's delicious, but it's a very one-note cookie. The creme filling sweetens the somewhat bland cookie shells, but those same sandwich cookies completely mask the texture hiding inside the creme. The end result is a cookie that has all the creme and crunch of an Oreo, but ultimately the flavor profile of a cinnamon graham cracker. It's not a daring new flavor, or something cooked up in a lab making you brain think it's something else, it's a new textural take on a familiar flavor.
Even though I called it "one-note," I actually like these a lot. They're very snackable. You can pair a few of these with some milk and marshmallow fluff, or Nutella, and have a really decadent and yummy treat. Plus, they pair really nicely with tea! Just like Biscoff cookies! 
This is a safer flavor than we're used to, but unlike a lot of the fun flavors-of-the-week products, I keep coming back to this for more, and my family has been snacking on these too! Everyone is reaching for these, while other, more gimmick-y, Oreos are left sitting in our pantry getting staler by the day. If you like cinnamon graham crackers, or s'mores, these are a really delicious Oreo that you're going to love. It's more Biscoff than Trader Joe's, and that's what I like about it.  
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