Wednesday, September 27, 2017

As American as Apple Pie (Oreos)

Apple Pie Oreo -  Walmart 2.98
No need to adjust your screen, you're not entering The Outer Limits, and we're definitely not in the Twilight Zone because I don't hear the velvety smooth voice of Rod Serling ominously narrating my current situation. (My mom and I freaking love the Twilight Zone, and Black Mirror. So good!)
I'm back today with another, equally beige, Oreo. Both these and the Cookie Butter Oreos are currently on display at Walmart and, at a glance, they look nearly identical. I don't think Oreo has ever released new flavors that were this visually similar before. Both bags feature tan-colored foods, both have blue backgrounds, and both have graham flavored cookies. If I'm not paying attention, I can easily mistake one package for another, but once you peel back the plastic it's clear that this is no Cookie Butter Oreo.
Once opened, these smells like a cinnamon apple Yankee candle. It's a bold, slightly tart, apple aroma that is teetering on line between realistic and artificial. I am not a fake apple fan, so I think these smell like Bath & Body Works induced migraines, but I seem to be in the minority. (As you'll see later on in this post.) 
Inside, we have the same honey'd graham cracker cookie base as the Cookie Butter Oreos, but the filling of this cookie is lighter and more beige than the tan-toned Cookie Butter filling. It's lighter in color, but this creme has the same toothpaste-like consistency as my last post. Have they changed up their filling formula? Or is this just a coincidence?  
I tried the creme on it's own, and ..hate is too strong a word, so let's just go with, NO. I do not like this creme filling at all. Now, before the foodie masses come for my head, let me plead my case. 
Apples are something I always have in our kitchen. I eat 2-3 raw apples a week. I make a baked apple dessert once a month. I love actual apple pie, I love eating real apples downed in cinnamon, and this? This does not taste like real apples, or apple pie. 
Weird confession time! As a tween, I would eat instant oatmeal. Right out of the packet. Dry. It was a weird foodie time in my life, and I have no idea why or how I started the practice. I was a weird kid. However, thanks to that experience, I can safely say that this cookie creme tastes exactly like the powdery flavor dust in apple cinnamon instant oatmeal packets. It's a creamy, concentrated, apple flavoring that is spiced, but overly bold because it's meant to be diluted with something else. Doesn't sound so bad, but once I get past the concentrated flavoring, I'm left with this bizarrely sour taste on the sides of my tongue that makes my mouth water. (Not in a good way.)
I wanted to make sure my taste-buds weren't going haywire or something, so I gave these to my apple pie loving boyfriend and his daughter. Guess what? Without me even saying a word, they didn't like them either! His daughter noticed the sour sides of the tongue thing on her own, and my boyfriend made a face and said he needed to eat something else to cleanse his pallet. Both are baked apple dessert fans, and neither one enjoyed this cookie.  
We seem to be in the MAJOR minority here. All my foodie colleagues love this flavor! Just check out these glowing reviews. Everyone is different, so don't just take my fake-apple-flavor-hating word for it, you should check these out for yourself and see if you like them. Apparently, everyone else does. Me and my little family, we're not fans. This flavor is doomed to the back corner of our snack cabinet until we have guests to pawn these off on share them with. 
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  1. That cake is awesome, Holly! The hearts are so cute and it really does look delicious. apple pie Got to pin this one, for sure. Have a beautiful weekend!