Thursday, October 19, 2017

I Chews You! - Korean Pokemon Candies

Pokemon XYZ Crown MyChew Fruit Chews - H-Mart
Howdy, strangers! 
I apologize for my sporadic updates. (Or lack there of.) Life just keeps throwing me curve balls. (Says the food blogger with very limited knowledge of sports.) Anyways, quick life update: I started a new job last week! It's kind of food related, and a lot closer to home, which means I gain an hour and a half of my life back every single day. Yay!
Once I settle in to my new routine I plan on dedicating that hour and a half to the blog so I can finally get back to posting daily. Which will be extra awesome because my food hoarding problem is only getting worse. (I'm one box-full-o'-food away from Hoarders banging down my door.) So, let's knock out some candy!
I've actually had Crown fruit chews before. A while ago they had large Pokemon themed bags at H-Mart with Team Rocket stickers inside. Being the nostalgic nerd I am, I bought them just for the stickers, but ended up loving the candy! My boyfriend did too. (He's a big fan of chewy textures.) 
The two big bags I've reviewed contained strawberry, apple, peach and grape chews. So really, the only new flavor for me here is Lemonade, but I figured I'd review them again to refresh my memory. 
Sadly, unlike the big bags I had before, the only thing Pokemon about these fruity chews are the illustrations of Pikachu on the front. No stickers, games, or puzzles. Just shameless marketing. (Which totally worked.)
Unlike the loose, individually wrapped, candies I've had in the past, these are in bar-form with waxed paper wrappers. Each wrapper is covered with tiny illustrations of the fruit relating to that particular candy, and for some reason every single candy is annoyingly glued to the outside wrapping! What the heck? It makes it so the candies won't slide out of the package and get lost in my purse, but it also makes getting them out of there to share with friends a little annoying. (Also, the candies look a little janky when they have white paper bits stuck to them.) 
When compared to Puccho or Hi-Chew, these fruity chews are half the size and much thinner, but texture-wise, they're exactly the same. It's unlike any candy we have here in America, but it's pretty stinkin' similar to other Asian sweets I've reviewed, and with the translated name being MyChew...I'd say it's safe to assume this is a Hi-Chew rip-off. The closest American equivalent would be really cold/stiff Now and Laters, but that's still not quite right. 
It takes a while for the candy to soften up, but that's a good thing. This way we can really appreciate the flavors!
Lemonade (yellow) - Surprisingly tangy! Rather than playing it safe, this bold, tart, take on lemonade reminds me of those frozen lemons filled with sorbet you can buy in the freezer aisle. It's slightly artificial, in a frozen lemonade concentrate kind of way, but very enjoyable. Plus the sourness really lingers. I can feel the sour tingle on my tongue long after the candy is gone. It's the only new flavor for me, and easily my favorite of the four. 
Grape (purple) - Normally I am not a fan of grape flavored sweets, because I think they taste like childhood cough medicine, but this tastes JUST like grape Bubblicious gum. It's a sweet, juicy, concord grape flavoring. Again, it's a little on the frozen concentrated juice side of things, but it's still really refreshing. When the candy has dissolved, I'm left feeling like I just took a swig of concentrated grape juice. Big thumbs up for this one.
Strawberry (red) - Enjoyable, but boring. It's a generic, sweet, but tangy, strawberry yogurt flavored chew. It doesn't leave a strong flavoring or impression when it's dissolved, and even though strawberry sweets are usually my favorite, this ended up being my least favorite of the four. It's just too bland when compared to the others, but it's still an enjoyable candy on it's own. 
Peach (magenta) - Another surprisingly tangy flavor. If you're looking for an authentic juicy peach flavor, this isn't it. But for what it is, I like it a lot. It's sweet, a little tart, and it packs the same concentrated punch as the first two flavors. Once dissolved, the peach flavoring lingers, reminding me of peach gummy rings and other sweets from my childhood. 
Color me impressed! These are knock offs, but they're good knock offs. Maybe these are the Oreo to Hi-Chew's Hydrox! For the most part (I'm lookin' at YOU strawberry), these flavors are bolder and brighter than either Hi-Chew or Pucchu, but they have the same, bouncy, long-lasting texture. The lemonade was my absolute favorite, and I would love to see it in a big bag with individually wrapped pieces in the future, but if it's only available in bar-form, I'd re-buy these in a heartbeat. 
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