Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's Always Tea Time - Pomegranate & White Tea Gummy Pandas

Pomegranate & White Tea Gummy Pandas - Gift from Work
Another tea-themed candy! This time it's a gummy candy, which is my favorite kind of candy, so I'm pretty excited. 
The packaging is really simple, it's another gusseted plastic bag, but this time it has a shiny finish and it's resealable. Instead of the faux vintage look of the hard Tea Candies I reviewed yesterday, this product is going for a  crisp, but colorful, design that lets the product do all the foot work. (Along with some nice fruity imagery.) The outside is really appealing, but there's something inside that I wasn't prepared for...
They smell awful. I was worried the bag might be effecting the scent, so I grabbed a handful of candy and took a closer sniff. It's the pandas. No doubt about it. 
These smell like petroleum jelly mixed with a tween body spray, and then there's this weird medicinal throat drop tingle? What is this? It's bringing back memories of the flavored foam fluoride treatments I used to get from the dentist as a kid. No thanks. 
We're not off to a great start, but I am going to give these the benefit of a doubt. They could taste good, right?   
I grabbed a panda (which looks exactly like a normal gummy bear, who are they kidding?), and popped it into my mouth. Thankfully, they taste a lot better than they smell. 
The texture is soft, but not as soft as Trolli, yet stiff, but not as stiff as Haribo. It's a happy medium. Then there's the flavor, initially you get a mild, bitter, fruit juice flavoring which I know is meant to be pomegranate, but it honestly tastes like cranberries, with the light and refreshing floral finish thanks to the white tea. There's this dry, and slightly bitter fruity aftertaste, which is more pomegranate-like, but if I had been blind folded and asked what this flavor was, I definitely would have said cranberry. 
Even though the pomegranate flavoring isn't as bold as I would have liked, these are still a very light and refreshing candy. Due to the tea and floral notes, these can come off a little perfume-y, which might not appeal to kids, but it's a flavoring that would appeal to adults that like fancy things like Elder-flower Lemonade
Having the bag dedicated to one particular flavor is a bit of a bold move, and as I munch on them, I find myself craving variety. I'll finish off this little bag in a week or two, and maybe try another flavor if it's available, but I can't see myself buying a bag of these any time soon.  
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