Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Skittles Brightside - Wawa (Quickie Review)

Skittles Brightside - Wawa
What exactly are they going for here? Are they bright colors? Light and refreshing flavors? A simple counter-product to their equally confusing Darkside mix? Or are they just fans of The Killers? (When You Were Young is my favorite song, and for the record, I belt it out in the car like a champ!)
I don't really understand the thought process behind this mix, but I am intrigued by some of the flavors. So, without further delay, let's jump into the review! 
Brightside mix: Paradise Punch, Pink Lemonade, Kiwi Banana, Watermelon & Tangerine 
Paradise Punch (blue) -  This is a slightly tangy mixed berry flavor that starts out tasting like blue SweeTarts, but fades into a generic berry-blend. It's sweet, artificial, and tastes That's the best way to describe it, it tastes like blue. Not sure why this is in the mix, since it's so dark, or why it's named Paradise Punch, but it's a nice enough flavor. I don't avoid it while snacking, but it's not as enjoyable as any of the original fruit flavors. 
Watermelon (green) -  Skittles Sweet & Sour/Skittles Riddles/Skittles Trickplays repeat. A light artificial watermelon flavor, similar to Airheads. I really like watermelon Airheads, so I liked this one quite a bit, but it doesn't mesh well with the other flavors. 
Kiwi Banana (yellow) - Spot on re-creation of kiwi banana Starbursts, another favorite of mine. Sweet, tangy, and tropical. Of all the flavors, this one is the most worthy of the "brightside" name. 
Tangerine (orange) -  Repeat from the Halloween Cauldron mix.  It's different from the classic orange flavored Skittle, which is commendable, but it has a medicinal quality to it that I just don't like. It's kind of like one of those chewable Airborne tablets. 
Pink Lemonade (dusty rose/pink) -  Tastes like a sweeter version of powdered pink lemonade mix. It's got some light cotton candy notes mixed with classic lemon Skittles. This one is the most versatile and mixes well with the other flavors. 
We've got two repeats, one minor flop (Paradise Punch), and one flavor that is versatile enough to mix with all the others (pink lemonade). It's a more enjoyable mix than I thought it'd be, but it's nothing all that spectacular. I'll stick to Original fruits, but I have high hopes for the Sweet Heat Skittles after enjoying the Starburst version. 
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  1. Is Cybele okay??? When is another Candyology podcast coming?

    1. Unfortunately Candyology 101 was discontinued over a year ago. You can still find Lauren on her Instagram account, @candyhunting, as for Cybele, she's still somewhat active on her Twitter account @candyblog, which updated in July of this year, but her blog has been silent for over a year now. She's been blogging for over a decade, so maybe she just wants a little break. (I really miss her posts though.)

  2. When you were young is my favorite Killers song too!

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