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Brach's Brunch Favorites - Candy Corn, For Breakfast?

Brunch Favorites - Target
Because I'm a hamster-human hybrid, and a heartbeat away from being on a special food-themed episode of Hoarders, I'm still finding random food items squirreled away in my moving boxes. I think these came out last year? Maybe last spring? I don't really remember when I bought them, but thanks to the Target exclusive logo at the very top, I do know WHERE I bought them. So, that's something. 
Limited Edition Candy Corn is not an avenue I really specialize in. I'm no candy corn hater, I dig the classics, but a lot of the specialty limited edition stuff just doesn't work for me. Especially not in a full-sized bag. If they came in fruit-snack-sized pouches I'd try a lot more of them, but I've thrown way too much money, and stale nibbled on candy corn, in the trash to continue taking risks on one-off flavors just for reviewing purposes. 
Yet, for some reason, I still bought this one? Maybe the allure of brunch was just too much for me to ignore. Anyway, past me bought it, and now present me (or not-as-past me, depending on when you read this review) is gonna eat it. 
Right off the bat, I like that this is a resealable standing gusset bag. It's a HUGE improvement. Normally I have open sacks tied with twist ties in an effort to maintain freshness, and they're nothing more appealing than a raggedy old beat up sack of candy corn with a recycled bread tie closure, right? Every house-guests ideal treat. 
Not only did they improve functionality, it looks a lot nicer too! The food imagery is realistic and retro, and the font is giving me The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel vibes. (I've already watched the first season twice!) The whole package has this pseudo 50's things going for it, with a modern twist, and I dig it. Maybe it was the packaging that suckered me in? 
When I opened it and took a sniff, my senses were assaulted with a Bath & Body Works version of breakfast. I can smell maple syrup, butter flavoring, some fruitiness, and sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. All of the aromas combined are very overwhelming, and instead of making my mouth water, it more-so gives me a headache.   
Hopefully, one-on-one, the candy corn flavors will be more palatable. 
French Toast & Syrup - Very buttery, in that liquid movie theater popcorn way, and sweet. It's not very French-Toast-like, but it is kind of like a softer, chalkier, French Toast Crunch! So, there's that.
Waffles & Strawberry - If Frankenberry were turned into candy corn, it'd be this. It's super sweet, with a fake strawberry flavoring that is slightly reminiscent of frozen strawberry waffles. It's my least favorite of the three, but it gets credit for trying to be different.   
Chocolate Chip & Pancakes - Odd name-choice. Why not just Chocolate Chip Pancakes? Moving on...this one tastes like butter flavored pancake syrup. Not the real maple stuff, the fake sugary brown liquid that comes in a plastic squeeze bottle. There's not much chocolate flavoring at all, but it's still pretty tasty. It's like Canadian maple candy, made with fake syrup. Definitely not a gourmet treat, but more pleasant than I ever expected and my favorite in the mix. 
I really braced myself for the worst there, but these turned out to be much better than I thought. Two of these flavors are pretty similar (French Toast and Chocolate Chip Pancakes), and Strawberry & Waffles is far from my favorite treat, but still, pretty yummy for a limited edition candy corn. 
Even though these are some pretty yummy flavors, I really wish the bags were much smaller. The cloying sweetness and intensity of the pancake syrup flavoring is just too much for consistent snacking. After 3-5 pieces my tastebuds want a break, but of all the specialty candy corn I've tried, I'd still say this is one of the best.  
I'm not sure if these will re-appear any time soon, but if they do, this stuff is pretty much  the poor-man's version of maple candy, and despite how gimmicky it looks, I'd say it's worth checking out. Just make sure you have people to share it with. 00
If you can't tell, I was marathon-ing some Sabrina the Teenage Witch episodes while editing photos today. It seemed appropriate. #PuppetSalemIsTheBestSalem
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