Saturday, March 3, 2018

Irish Cream Soda - Aldi

Irish Cream Soda - Aldi
Wanna know something crazy? I've been counting my calories. (Don't worry, this isn't going to become a diet blog or anything.) 
It's been a very eyeopening experience. For example, I normally drink a ton of orange juice every weekend, because that's healthy, right? Welp, my large 16 oz. glass of OJ clocks in at over 236 calories! It's nuts. That being said, this one 12 oz. bottle or Irish Cream Soda? 210 Calories! Nearly twice the calories found in a 12 oz. can of Coke. 
Are those calories worth it? We shall see...
When sodas are sold in glass bottles, with handy little cardboard carriers, they can feel artisanal, or beer-like, but the overall design keeps this on the store-brand level. I like the bold and simple color scheme (just white, green and black), and the illustrations are whimsical, but the text is a dead giveaway. There's just too much empty space. For Aldi, this is still pretty nice packaging, but it's nothing to show off or brag about. (Actually this is pretty Trader Joe's like.)
Inside we have four brown bottles (with real caps!) I grabbed my bottle opener, which I don't get to do very often, popped the cap off and took a whiff. Oddly enough it smells alcoholic, but not in the boozey-kind of way, more like rubbing alcohol. 
Not a great start. I poured the soda into a glass with ice. It's lightly carbonated and looks a bit like ginger ale. I took a sip and...'s okay. 
At first sip, you can really taste the difference cane sugar makes. It's very sweet, in a natural way, but whatever "natural flavoring" causes the rubbing alcohol smell leaves a similar aftertaste. Mmm, vanilla flavored medicine cabinet. Other than that, it's pretty pleasant. You have light carbonation, a lovely warm vanilla flavoring, and real cane sugar with a touch of nail polish remover. 
If you keep on sipping, the aftertaste isn't that noticeable, but at 200+ calories per bottle? Definitely not worth it. I much prefer Jones Cream Soda, which tastes like liquid cotton candy and is only 170 calories.
This is a cute novelty item to have at a St. Paddy's party, or seasonal get-together, but for everyday normal sipping needs, this just doesn't fit the bill.   
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