Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Unicorn Gum? I give up. (Quickie Review)

Fairytale Fruit Project 7 Gum - Target
I don't even know what to say for myself. I keep saying I won't go back to Project 7, because of the artificial sweeteners, but their gimmicks sucker me in every time. 
This is unicorn gum. UNICORN. GUM. What am I? Made of stone? So yeah, I don't have high hopes for this, but it's pretty and I wanted to photograph it, so... here we are. 
Functionality-wise, the packaging is the same packet-style as all the other Project 7 gums I've reviewed in the past. Plastic foiled packet, re-seal-able, matte-finish, etc. It photographs like a dream and the colorful fruity unicorn illustration is Juicy Fruit meets Lisa Frank. It's wonderful. 
On the back, along the pink-glitter-foiled top, the gum promises to "magically turn sour to sweet," so this gum isn't just a pretty package. Anyone else getting Starbucks Unicorn Frappe flashbacks? We all know how that turned out...
When opened, the gum inside is an off-white color and it has a faint citrus-y scent, similar to the nondescript citrus aroma found in Fruity Pebbles.  
I popped a piece into my mouth's actually good?  

It's been a long time since I've had a Project 7 gum flavor this enjoyable. It starts out tart and tangy, with some citrus flavoring, and that mellows out into a creamy general fruity flavor, similar to Fruit Stripe Gum, and then it quickly becomes sweet nothing.
The sour to sweet is a total gimmick if you ask me. For one thing, it's not sour at all, this is tangy at best, and the sweet part of things is just the flavor fading away leaving the sweetened gum base. So, just like the Starbucks flavor changing let-down, that aspect of this product is all talk and no action. 
Even so, it tastes good. (Something I can't say about the Unicorn frappe.) The flavor is all three citrus Skittles (lemon, orange and lime) mixed with Pez, and Fruit Stripe gum. It's pretty darn refreshing, and it makes the artificial sweetener way more tolerable than usual. Sadly, just like Fruit Stripe gum, the flavor only lasts 60 seconds, at the most. You're left with a mildly sweet chewing gum, which is okay, but pretty bland on it's own. I also noticed that it's very sensitive to breaking down, I drank some lemonade earlier and my gum immediately broke down into a sticky mess. So this flavor is a flash in the pan, but it's quite a yummy flash. 
Okay Project 7, It may not be magically flavor-changing, like it claims, but this Fairytale-review has a happy ending. This is a decent product, with some really enjoyable flavoring, and I'm glad I bought it. 
I'm really looking forward to sharing this with my boyfriend's youngest niece this weekend to see what she thinks. (Some of you might remember my Instagram posts from her epic unicorn-themed birthday party.) She's a real-life Mabel Pines and my go-to unicorn expert. I'll report back with her thoughts and let you know if it's unicorn approved.  
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