Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Peeps Oreos - Déjà vu Round 2!

Peeps Oreos - Target (2 for $5.00) 
That's right! It's a Déjà vu-Round 2 of Limited Edition Peeps Oreos.
Last year's take on this seasonal sweet used the golden cookie base with a bright highlighter-pink marshmallow creme flavored filling, and even though I bought several packages of it last year, and definitely photographed them, but I guess I never wrote them up? (Which isn't surprising, 2017 was a very VERY bad year for my blogging habits.) 
Anyway, I thought they were pretty good, sickeningly sweet and sugary, but good. However, my boyfriend's daughter LOVED them. Of all the Oreos I've dragged into our pantry over the years, these are her favorite so I made sure to buy several packages. I did a quick search online to see what my fellow foodies thought of the neon-pink pucks, and it turns out reviews weren't so favorable? That's news to me! 
I guess these were't that popular, and Oreo got the message. Instead of scrapping the concept, Oreo tweaked the formula and released these new (possibly improved) Oreos for Easter 2018. We now have a chocolate cookie, stamped with little Peep images, stuffed with a pale lavender colored creme.  That's right, a chocolate cookie, and...I don't know 'bout that. 
Oreo cookies tend to overpower the fanciful limited edition creme flavors, so my concern is that we'll get little to-no marshmallow flavoring and this will be no different from a normal chocolate creme filled Oreo. We shall see! 
Typically the Oreo packaging follows a color-specific cookie-base binary. Chocolate based cookie packages are blue, and vanilla based cookie packages are yellow. Since last year we had a golden cookie, the previous package was a bright yellow with pink peeps and accents. It was colorful, eye catching, and very spring-y. This year, due to the chocolate cookie, we have a brighter blue package than we'd normally see, but it's still blue, with pink-purple peeps. To combat the muted purples and break up all the blue, they went overboard with clip-art-y add-ons like daisy's, clouds, and polkadots. Last year's package may not have won any beauty contests, but I liked it's bold simplicity. This time everything is just too darn busy!
Inside the package are neat lines of chocolate cookies with a pale purple creme filling, and they smell like Lucky Charms marshmallow bits mixed with a classic chocolate Oreo. (I love marshmallow bits!) I'm getting Count Chocula vibes, and while that sounds great, it's far from Peep-territory.
Trying the creme on it's own, it's got gritty sugar granules mixed in, that are supposed to make you think of the sugary exterior of a marshmallow Peep, but I'm definitely getting more of a crunchy Lucky Charms marshmallows kind of vibe. It tastes pretty darn good, and even though I can't back it up with any science, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this tastes better than last year's filling. 
As for the cookie portion, it's a plain ol' chocolate Oreo cookies. It's delicious, and I really love the stamped Peep-imagery added to the cookie base, but as I feared, it interferes with the overall Peep experience. When eaten together, this doesn't make me think of marshmallow Peeps. Instead, I think of s'mores, hot cocoa, and Count Chocula. (Plus 2 of those are already other Oreo offerings.) 
I feel like the chocolate cookie helps to cutdown the insane sweetness of the sugary filling, making it more snackable, but it doesn't live up to the Peeps branding and experience. It's a delicious cookie, and we'll have no problem at all finishing this package (my bf's daughter likes these, even though they're different from last year's), but if you're looking for a Peeps-experience (a Peep'sperience?) this isn't going to be it.  
If Mondelēz is out there, trolling food blogs for ideas, they should re-release these cookies with Count Chocula stamps in the fall with a different colored filling and the exact same formula. My halloween-fueled-heart would buy them in an instant. 
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