Sunday, January 13, 2019

I'm Alive! - Posting 2 days a week!~ (Tuesday & Thursday)

Your eyes do not deceive you, I'm back. Again. 
After several years of posting every single day I dropped the ball, kept trying to pick it back up, only to drop it again. And again. I've lost count of how many "I'm back" posts I've written over the last 3 years.  
Food blogging makes me happy, so one of my resolutions is to pick it back up, but doing a post every single day is out of the question. In the past, I've stuck to an "all or nothing" mentality, where if I am not posting everyday, there is no point. Sticking to that does nothing but set me up for more failure, and food back-log hoarding. (Seriously. I have SO MUCH FOOD. #firstworldfailurefoodbloggerproblems.) My goal is to post twice a week, once I get that going at a steady pace I might add a day in here or there. After all, slow and steady wins the race.
I'll be posting something later today, to get the ball rolling, but (for now) I'll be posting every Tuesday and Thursday. I hope you guys are ready for some wacky (old) stuff because I have quite the backlog to work my way through. 
It's good to be back.  
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