Thursday, May 16, 2019

Take it all in. (That's what she said?)

American Globs Big Gay Ice Cream - Wawa
Big Gay Ice Cream is a company that's been on my foodie-radar for years I mean, they're an ice cream brand that have a theme song written by Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's! (Also she was Joan of Arc in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, which I love.) Popculture, cool graphics, and (potentially) yummy ice cream? I had to try it! 
They have ice cream trucks, brick and mortar locations, and sell ice cream pints in a handful of locations across the nation with one being right across the bridge from Jersey...but we all know that I never go anywhere. (I don't know how you other foodies have any energy for all that traveling!)  
Being the hermit I am, I longingly watched from afar as their brand grew and grew. Guess what? They started selling pints at Wawa! So, being the multi-tasker I am, I filled up my gas tank and grabbed a few pints to finally satisfy my snacking curiosity.
To kick things off, we have American Globs. Go ahead, take it all in. (That's what she said?)
This pint certainly is bold. We have a stark black and white backdrop, text dripping with innuendo, and a sassy unicorn, all wrapped up in a rainbow. I would expect nothing less from a brand named "Big Gay Ice Cream." 
The graphic quality of this design is just so fun! I love looking at it and I really loved photographing it.  Somehow, by omitting purple in their rainbow packaging, this branding manages to pull off colorful and whimsical without being overly obnoxious or looking childish. I really love it and feel like it's well designed. 
So, what is American Globs? Well, I think the name is a play on "American God's," but I think the "globs" leans a bit more sexual than that. I mean, this flavor is a malted vanilla with fudge-covered salted pretzel balls...and I feel like those shapes, colors, and phrases were combined on purpose. Or maybe I just have a filthy mind.
There are less sexual, but still delicious, mix-ins like a fudge swirl and fudge covered pretzel bits rounding out the mix-ins, but with a unicorn licking a rainbow ice cream cone front and center on the pint, I think they knew what they were doing. 
Once opened, the surface showed signs of an underlying fudge swirl, and a few mix-ins. 
I grabbed a spoon and dug in, surprisingly, the malted vanilla base was...salty? Significantly salty, but not overly so, which was enjoyable, but I found that it lacked the maltiness that I had hoped for. It was enjoyable, but not as satisfying as I had hoped. 
Once I broke through the surface layer there were a healthy amount of pretzel mix-ins, but I found that they too were salted which amped up the salty factor a bit too much for my preference. The fudge coating and swirls helped to balance things out a bit, but this kind of reminded me of that one time a friend of mine tried to make sea salt ice cream (like from Kingdom Hearts) and it ended up tasting like salty frozen milk...not terrible, but not as good a time as I had hoped.  
The base mixed with the pretzels made this selection too salty for my personal preferences. I had no trouble at all finishing this pint and I could see it working well with overly sweet flavors in a sundae or as a second scoop on a cone, but as a stand alone flavor, this isn't something I'd reach for again. It's decent enough, but it just didn't "wow" me like I had hoped it would. Bummer, but I do have another, more unique, flavor to try this weekend and I have high hopes that it'll blow my socks off...
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