Monday, May 6, 2019

Is It Fall Yet? - Pumpkin Whipped Topping

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No, we haven't traveled back in time and no, the Pumpkin Invasion of 2019 hasn't started early. I'm just a hoarder.
I bought this last fall thinking it would be an easy item to review that would get me back into the habit of blogging. We both know that didn't happen, but it has been in my fridge ever since.
Back in my blogging heyday, I used to go all out each fall and review pumpkin-flavored everything. We're not just talking Pumpkin spiced lattes. I've reviewed teas, pasta sauces, ravioli, pumpkin salsas...pretty much anything I could get my hands on. And you know what it did? It burnt me out. Big time. After three years I went from big ol' basic pumpkin-lover to a hater.  
After all this time off I've started to become interested in a few pumpkin products, but I've never fully recovered. Still, I saw this and found the idea intriguing. I mean, nothing goes better with pumpkin pie than whipped cream, and this would up the pie factor by at least 1000%. (I totally used real math skills there. It's a legit number.)
So, yeah. I bought it, but unlike my normal MO, I didn't wait until I could review it to open it. I opened this back in October and started using it. How did it taste? Pretty accurate.
The whipped cream is a soft, orange-tinged, tan color. Almost like you took normal whipped cream and put it through an Instagram filter. Visually, the coloring matches the flavor profile, but in all honesty, it's not as appealing. The stark contrast of white whipped cream adds a lot to a dish, and you just don't get that here with this slightly off-white version. Still, it's not like a lack of Instagram-worthiness trumps taste.  
On it's own, this stuff really lives up to it's name. You get all the rich, buttery, creaminess of whipped cream topping with a healthy dose of the pumpkin pie spices and, dare I say, actual pumpkin pie filling flavoring? The fall flavors are bold enough that you'll notice a difference, but not bold enough to push this into novelty candle territory. 
So, yeah. This tastes good, exactly like you'd expect a pumpkin pie whipped cream topping to taste like. (Whatever "topping" may mean.) But the real issue become it's use and versatility. 
We've had this since October, and have been using it since October, and we still have a TON of it left and it still tastes as good as the day I bought it. Impressive longevity, but this product certainly isn't as versatile as I originally thought.
If you're hosting a lot of fall themed parties and get together, you might be able to use this stuff up. You can top pumpkin pie, and other pumpkin flavored desserts, you can top lattes and pumpkin themed coffee drinks, or boozy fall beverages...but that's about it, right? How many things can truly benefit from added pumpkin spice? Especially in a normal household. 
That being said, this is a fun product, it tastes just as good as it promises, and I'm glad I tried it this once, but I just don't need this in our home. This one can has 74 servings. Normal whipped cream has the same amount of servings and we go through one of those nearly every two months, this has lasted nearly a year! It's just not versatile enough for normal household consumption. If you're a pumpkin lover who has survived the yearly pumpkin-pocalypse burn out, you might really love this stuff, and I would totally recommend it. As for me, I'm tired of everything tasting like pumpkin, I enjoy this when used selectively, but this is a one-and-done product for me. I won't be re-purchasing. 
If YOU haven't been burned out on pumpkin and want to see all my old pumpkin reviews, from 2012-to now, here is a LINK.  
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