Monday, July 22, 2019

Am I Turning into a La Croix Fan Girl?

Even More La Croix Flavors
Ain't no party like a La Croix party 'cause a La Croix party don't stop. Unless you're in Massachusetts where it was temporarily illegal...
That intro started out strong, but I'm too tired to be witty. Anyway, we're still trying to take it easy with soda in our house, and to scratch that itch, we've been drinking a lot of flavored seltzer. Honestly, it's working pretty well, but the only issue is that Aldi only offers citrus and unflavored seltzer. Their lime seltzer is fantastic, but after a month or two, we're getting a little lime'd out. We were craving variety and thankfully, Aldi also carries really random flavors of La Croix. Now this brand is kinda hipster-y, and more expensive than I would like (pretty much twice the Aldi version's price) but I only plan on buying it as a rare treat to break up the monotony. 
So, how do they taste? 
Apricot: Smells sweet and sugary, almost like peach gummy rings. Taste-wise, it's light, refreshing, and surprisingly authentic. The aftertaste is like a really watery and slightly tart apricot, which is perfect for summer, but the colder it is, the less flavorful I found it to be. I liked this one a lot, but fiance and his daughter weren't fans. I'm pretty sure I polished off this case single handed. Apricot is a flavor no one really asked for, but I'm 100% into it.   
Mango: Unlike apricot, I think mango is a really popular flavor for beverages here in the states. My fiance's daughter loves mango water ice and mango flavored iced tea, so why not mango flavored sparkling water? This one smells just as sweet, like mango gummies from Trader Joe's. This flavor is much bolder than the apricot, sweeter, and more tropical. Well, for a flavored sparkling water. Compared to real mango, or mango flavored things, this is very light and watery, but compared to other flavors of La Croix, this is one of the strongest. I like it, but I'm not as in-love with it as I am with the apricot. This one is a bit too sweet for me, but my family liked it a lot and this flavor in particular quickly disappeared. 
My favorite of the two was the apricot, but both flavors were really refreshing and a nice change of pace. I just wish they were a bit cheaper...
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