Thursday, October 15, 2020

#TBT White Pumpkin Pie m&m's, from 2019 (Because I'm a hoarder)

White Pumpkin Pie m&m's 
 - Target (I think)

In 2019, a simpler time, I went Halloween clearance crazy. While I totally don't regret it, a bunch of stuff ended up slipping through the these m&m's. 

The bag says these are best before April of 2020, but do m&m's ever really go bad? They get chalky, sure, but rancid? Not really, unless they get wet.  So let's open up this (dry) bag of Halloween m&m's from 2019 and see how they've held up! 

Now the only reason I bought these at all was because they were on clearance for like, 70-80% of the original price. Otherwise I never would have given these a try. Strike one: They're white chocolate based, and we all know how I feel about that. Strike Two: They're pumpkin pie flavored and after several years of jumping head-first into ALL pumpkin reviews, I pretty much ruined pumpkin spiced things for myself forever. But when something is that cheap, I go against my better judgement and pick it up anyway just to review it.

Once opened, the candies inside smell like canned cream cheese frosting from the baking aisle mixed with pumpkin spice. I don't find that combination appealing. To me, the aroma reads "rejected Bath & Body Works White Barn candle," but there are plenty of pumpkin spice and white chocolate fans out there who might disagree. Like I said before, I pretty much ruined all pumpkin spiced products for myself forever, so take my saltiness with a grain of salt. 

The colors in this bag are an off-white, a bright orange, and a coffee-brown color, it might look cute in a seasonal candy dish...but these are over a year old so they might be better off as d├ęcor at this point.  

I took a bite, and the white chocolate base is just as sickeningly sweet as I remembered. These are very similar to the Carrot Cake m&m's which were Walmart exclusive a few years ago (and I actually liked those), but with pumpkin pie spices instead of Nutmeg. Now I usually associate carrot cake with cream cheese, so that flavoring made more sense to me, and as a baking ingredient they made for a fun mix-in for oatmeal raisin cookies, but these? I struggle to figure out a way I would want to use these up because I normally don't associate pumpkin pie with a cream cheese base.  

Maybe I could melt them down and make a pumpkin pie fudge?   

To their credit, for being as old as they are, they taste shockingly fresh. That's about the only kind thing I can say about them. I am not a fan.

From what I can tell they didn't return this year, and to that I say, good. I rather have the Cookies and Scream or Cocoa Crispy themed flavors anyway. But, if these ever make a comeback, I wouldn't buy them again. Even if they were on 80+% clearance, but at least it made for a fun discovery while I was cleaning the house, and a silly #tbt food post.  

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