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Crocos & Magic Mouse - Lidl Gummies

Crocos and Magic Mouse Gummies - Lidl

I am 90% sure these are rip offs of Haribo's Crocos and Mice, just Lidl-ified, but since those particular Haribo products are hard to find around here (in New Jersey) I figured I'd give these a shot and see how they taste! 

come in three flavors/colors, but there isn't any indication of what they are meant to be. We have: green, orange and red with white tummies. 

Green/white: The white portion is foamy and sweet, no specific flavoring there, but the green portion is pretty juicy...but tricky to place. I think I detect hints of green apple, but there is also a hint of lime zest or some kind of citrus zest in there that gives this a deeper, more realistic, flavoring. It's sweet, tangy, and a bit complex. I actually like this one a lot! It's pretty unique.  

Orange/white: I assumed this was going to be citrus orange, but I think this is actually mango. It's sweet, with a tropical profile. It's not as bold as the green one, or as complex, but it's a surprisingly juicy flavor and even though I'm not a huge mango fan, I like this flavor too, just not as much as the green. 

Red/white: Hmmm, now this one is really tricky. The white foamy portion mellows out this flavor a lot, so I tried to get a bite of just the colored portion to see what's going on with this color/flavor and I still can't quite put my finger on it. It's sweet, and fruity, but nothing about it pinpoints any one berry. It's not floral like a strawberry, or rich and deep like cherry or pomegranate, and it's only mildly tangy...could this be raspberry? It's kind of like a Haribo red-bear, but not quite. Again, another pretty solid flavor. 

With Crocos, I say green is best, followed by red, then orange, but all three are pretty solid snacking choices. 

The magic mice are a bit trickier to seperate into categories, because the bodies vary from foamy white and pink, and the tails are also colors/flavors of yellow/blue, orange/purple, and clear/red. A lot of potential colors/flavors at play here, and again, the bag doesn't say what's what.

White Mouse:
Big, foamy, and sweet. Kind of like the foamy tummies of the gators, but I feel like this has a bit more of a citric acid tang to it. Or it might just seem tangier because there's so much more of it. Flavoring seems to be a slightly sour vanilla or marshmallow. Pretty interesting. If you like foamy gummies, you'll probably love this.   

Pink Mouse:  I feel like the pink body is slightly tangier with a odd after taste that the white version doesn't have, but I worry that it might just be my eyes playing tricks on my tongue. (The power of suggestion is real.) Other than that, it doesn't taste all that different. I think I prefer the white, but both are giving me ramune-vibes. 

Yellow/Blue Tail: blue caught me by surprise, because It didn't taste like I expected. I thought it would taste "blue," and it kind of did, but it also kind of tasted like peach? Then I thought yellow might be lemon or something, but it kind of tasted like peaches too. The only thing I can liken it to is gummy peach rings, especially since they were so sweet without a sour or tangy note to be found. It was interesting, but not my favorite, although it did balance out the tangy of the foamy-mouse body rather well. 

Clear/Red: The red portion does taste like Haribo red gummy bears, but a little less intense. I did like them a lot, and was impressed by how different it tasted than the blue portion. If I had to guess, I'd say it's raspberry. The clear also tastes different. It was kind of tropical-leaning, with a hint of tanginess. Maybe it's pineapple? I'm not 100% confident in that guess, but it is a refreshing flavor, and I found the combo of the two (red/clear) to be my favorite in the bag.

Orange/Purple: purple is trying to be grape, I think. At first I thought it tasted like a mild concord grape, but as I chewed it changed a bit and had an odd almost fake-fruit after taste. Not bad, but so far it's my least favorite. Orange seems to be classic orange. Sweet, zesty, with a nice balance. I think this actually tastes better than Haribo orange, but when eaten with the purple, it kind of ruins things.  

Okay, so the mice, were not so nice. At least for me. Foamy gummies are fun, but I prefer clear gummies, so the mouse bodies were okay, but I found myself getting sick of them rather quickly, and the tails were a bit hit or miss. The red/clear were the best, and orange was pretty great, but the blue/yellow/purple were a bit disappointing. 

For the price, I think these are an okay value, but it really comes down to preferences. If you love foamy gummies, like Percy Pigs and Haribo Mice, you'll probably love the Magic Mouse gummies, if you're more of a gummy traditionalist, the Crocos might be more your speed. 

While I enjoyed both bags, and used them to top dirt-cups, I wouldn't buy these again for my personal snacking needs. I personally prefer Haribo bears, or Japanese fruit gummies, and these just don't' scratch that itch for me. So for me, these are a one-and-done.     

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