Friday, December 4, 2020

Amaretti Cookie Nougat from Lidl - It's like it was made for me

Amaretti Cookie Italian Nougat - Lidl 

I'm weird. If you've ever been to this blog before you probably know that already. I am not a picky eater, but like many people I do have a few weird food hang-ups. One of which revolves around nuts. I love smooth peanut butter, marzipan, and pretty much everything almond flavored...but when it comes to actual nuts? Not a fan. I don't hate them, but I just don't see the appeal. I could never be one of those people who just eat a tin of almonds at their desk or buy nut-heavy trail mixes, or who sit at Five Guys eating the bottomless salted peanuts. It just doesn't appeal to me. 

That said, I do love absolutely everything related to almonds. In case you can't tell (because on a blog you're reading typed words and not watching me talk with my hands) I'm Italian, and Italians love almond everything. For Christmas we would get a big box of individually wrapped Ferrara's Torrone and slowly eat them as the holiday approached. (Turning the boxes backwards as they were eaten so there wasn't any sliding around. Does anyone else do that?) My mother and I love Italian nougat so much we even went on a tour through a factory in Italy to taste some fresh off the line. 

Long story short, it's been such a weird and difficult year, and I have such happy and positive associations with nougat, that I decided to treat myself. 

When opened, it smells sweet and nutty, exactly like Ferrara's Torrone. Appealing, but nothing special or unique. 

I took a bite and...yes. Just, yes. The cookie pieces are sugary, crispy, and full of marzipan-like almond flavoring, the nougat is fluffy and tastes like honey, and there are a few bits of actual hazelnuts and almonds mixed in to add some complex flavoring as well as lots of texture. This is just so, so good. 

On the Wildwood, NJ boardwalk, fudge shops used to sell these almond macaroons. Not "macarons," those are the colorful French almond-flour sandwich cookies with fillings, these were big crackle-y looking cookies, which were individually wrapped, and tasted like a mixture between a meringue and marzipan. They were my absolute FAVORITE thing on the entire boardwalk, and the amaretti cookie bits in here tastes exactly like them. 

If you like your Italian nougat to be full of almonds and less sweet, then this isn't going to be for you. The actual nuts are few and far between and the mix-ins give this a very sugary profile much sweeter than any traditional Italian nougat I've ever had. The cookie bits are scattered on top AND throughout, which is absolutely perfect for a marzipan-lover like me.

Speaking of the precious cookie bits, they make this a bit messy to eat, but do NOT waste them! Eat over a plate or something to catch and savor them, otherwise I will cry. 

If you're a almond macaroon loving, fruit-shaped marzipan munching, amaretti fiend, like me, then this is absolutely perfect in every way and I highly recommend it.

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  1. I bought one of these for my sister. She can't stop raving. Where can i buy it after Christmas?