Friday, March 12, 2021

Peeps, Revisited: Cotton Candy and Party Cake

Cotton Candy & Party Cake Peeps - Dollar Tree 
Sorry for tapping out there, it was totally unplanned, but I gave myself a week off. Now I'm back, refreshed, and about to bombard you with more sugary Peep goodness. 

Marshmallows are one of my favorite things ever, right up there with gummies. Whether they're tiny freeze-dried ones for cereal and cocoa, to braided pastel-colored ropes, to jumbo S'more, to Peeps. I love snacking on them, cooking with them, and strategically leaving them out to age like a fine wine. (Stale marshmallows are the best marshmallows. Unless they're freeze dried, which is like stale without the chew.) 

Over the years I've reviewed a LOT of Peeps. Some in written and others in video format. I was out and about at Dollar Tree, grabbing cheap goodies, when I saw these little packs of flavored chicks. Both are flavors I have had before, and reviewed in video-format, but its been years, why not revisit them and blog about it the ol' fashioned way? 

Cotton Candy: A delightful pink color with blue flecks, it smells sweet and sugary, very similar to a classic Peep, but there is a lighter almost burnt sugar aspect to it. Taking a bite, I definitely get some cotton candy vibes, but the overall taste is more-so sugary marshmallow but, when stale, this really shines. I think the cotton candy flavoring is amplified and the stale marshmallow texture reminds me of cotton candy that has sat too long in it's bag and forms a delicious sugary candy brick. I remember liking this flavor years ago when I reviewed it in a video, and I am happy it stuck around. It's definitely a keeper.

Party Cake:
The last time I tried these they had a bright blue exterior and a yellow interior, it seems they opted to make the outsides match the insides. This Peep is a buttery off-white color with multi-colored flecks, kind of like sprinkles. I ate a few of these sprinkles on their own from the container, and they have little to no taste. Kind of like tiny edible shards of plastic, or glitter. As for the Peep itself, it has a slightly buttery vanilla flavoring, but it's fairly artificial. I can see what they were going for, artificial birthday cake and frosting, but it isn't as successful as the cotton candy. When stale, the flavoring gets bit bolder, a little more canned frosting-like, but it's not as successful or enjoyable as Cotton Candy. It's still yummy, but not as addictive as the Cotton Candy.    

Let's briefly talk about value, I grabbed both of these packs at the Dollar Tree, each pack contains 5-chicks for $1.00 USD. While that might seem like a good deal, it actually isn't. Looking at my local ads, a 10-pack of Cotton Candy Peeps at Rite Aid is only $1.49 USD, while Target has a 15 pack of the same Cotton Candy Peeps for $2.19 USD. So are the Dollar Tree chicks the best bang for your buck? Not at all.

The real appeal of buying these 5 packs at Dollar tree is limiting your snacking to 5 instead of 10-15 chicks, and you can try other flavors and varieties without a full-pack commitment, which I would have appreciated for some of the more outlandish flavors, like Fruit Punch back in the day.   

So, while I really enjoyed both flavors, particularly the cotton candy, I wouldn't suggest buying the same pack seen here from Dollar Tree unless you're really skeptical about liking the flavor. In my opinion, head to Target or your local drugstore instead and get the most for your money, these are delicious, you won't regret it.  

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