Friday, August 26, 2022

Variety Hour- with Tirol!

Tirol Chocolates 

I've reviewed a lot of Japanese candies over the years, but they've mainly been fruit based and more often than not, they're gummies. (My favorite kind of candy.) Japanese chocolate is an area I haven't really explored, and from what I can tell it's quite different than what we have in America. 

I've seen Japanese candy bars, like Meiji or Crunky, but it doesn't seem like they have the wide variety that we have here. Just off the top of my head we have Snickers, Milkyway, 3Musketeers, Skor, Crunch, Heath, 100 Grand, Charleston Chew, BabyRuth...the list goes on and on. From what I can tell, that is not the case overseas. They may not have all that, but they do have Tirol.

Tirol chocolate squares come in a bunch of different flavors and various themed variety boxes. A great entry-snack to Japanese chocolates. 

As always, the packaging is top notch. We have a sloped box with some color images depicting all the flavors. Once you open the resealable top, the bag inside even had an elaborate illustration of animals that, according to Google Lens (technology is amazing) says, "the other side of the tunnel is full of Tirol!" As well as "Cut, Magic Cut, cut can be anywhere." Which seems to refer to the ways to open the bag to get to the chocolates inside? Again, thoughtful, cute, and practical.

Inside the box are individually wrapped chocolate squares with wrappers to differentiate each of the five flavors. There's Strawberry Jelly, White & Cookie, Bis Choco, Tirol, and Milk.  


Strawberry Jelly - Pink top, milk chocolate bottom, the outside tastes a lot like Meiji Apollo, another strawberry chocolate confection...which I don't like. The strawberry flavoring leans too yogurt-y and perfume-y for my liking. The center, however, is sugary and gritty. Kind of like a Sunkist fruit gem. It mixes nicely with the chocolate and actually makes this pretty enjoyable. I ended up liking this one a lot more than I thought I would. 

White & Cookies - Looks like Hershey's Cookies and Cream bar, but the taste is significantly different. The cookie bits are softer, with a similar chocolate cookie taste to knock-off Oreos, like the ones I buy from Aldi, and the confectionary base has a really creamy and buttery finish. It's richer and less sweet than I expected. I think I prefer Hershey's, a guilty pleasure of mine, but this isn't half bad.  

Tirol Chocolate - According to the internet, this one is coffee nougat, I can kind of get the coffee, but this is reading more molasses to me, and I'm into it. The center is dense, chewy, and a little bitter, while the exterior is a very sweet milk chocolate. I love the inside, but the outside is just a bit too sweet for me. I wish this was with dark chocolate. 

Bis Milk Choco - A milk chocolate coated biscuit. This flavor comes in a few different colored wrappers, very cute, but they all taste the same. The inner cookie is like a tea biscuit, similar to Maria cookies, which actually works nicely with the overly sweet exterior. I didn't expect this, but it might just be my favorite of the bunch! A very nice balance that craves a cold glass of milk. 

Milk - A milk chocolate outside, and a creamy white interior. It takes a bit of chewing before the center starts to taste like anything. It's creamy, kind of coconut-y? But overall it kind of blends together is a sweet blob of nothingness. Meh. It's pretty neutral. I wouldn't seek this flavor out, but I don't mind it being in the mix.  

The chocolate quality is on par with grocery store chocolates, like Russel Stover. They're good, and get the job done, but they're not great and I can only eat one or to in a sitting before I feel sick of them due to their overly sweet nature. 

Love the look, and I'll probably turn some of these wrappers into pinback buttons, but I wouldn't buy these again for my own snacking. 

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