Wednesday, August 24, 2022

A Trio of Tangy Treats! - Crazy Candy Co. from Aldi

I'm known by all my friends for having a copious amount of junk-food in my house, and they're not wrong. Crazy Candy Co. seems to be an Aldi exclusive line of candy, and I've had their Rainbow Belts before, which were amazing, and these back to school themed gummies. So far, this brand seems to do no wrong. And at a great price point! So, why not try three more of their products? 

Strawberry Hearts
- Once opened, there is a bright, sweet, tangy artificial strawberry aroma that immediately brings me back to my childhood. These smell just like the Save-A-Lot brand strawberry rolls (think store-brand Fruit by the Foot.) It would never pass for real strawberry, and it's nothing like Fruit Roll-Ups or Fruit By the Foot's take on strawberry, but I find it very appealing. Taking a bite, these are really soft, with a great mouth feel. The red portion has a smooth bite, like a fruit snack, and the white portion is sweet, foamy, and a little lemon-y? Combined, they're pretty addicting. I have sweet, artificial, strawberry, sweet foamy texture, and it all seems to melt away in the blink of an eye making me munch on more. I can easily destroy this entire bag. They're dangerous, and delicious. 10/10, would buy again. 

Cola Bottles -
At a glance, they look like a Haribo dupe, but upon further inspection, the bottle necks are significantly longer. Then, once you pop one into your mouth, the differences become even clearer. The exterior is covered in sugar. Not sour, citric acid-based, sugar, but sweet granulated sugar. Like you took a gummy and rolled in in your sugar bowl before eating it. I don't mind the texture this brings, but it makes things a little too sweet for me. Then, once you make it to the gummy itself, it doesn't have the same cola flavor as Haribo. This is lighter and a little watered down. Like when your ice melts into your fast food fountain soda. It has a tangy finish, and I like it, but I prefer Haribo's take on cola bottles. If you're the kind of person who stirs all the bubbles out of their soda, or drinks Boost, you might really like this one.

Watermelon Rings
- I was expecting these to be similar to Sour Patch watermelon slices, tangy and sweet, but they're just sweet. The outside is coated in the same sweet sugar as the cola bottles, and inside there is a dense, bouncy, artificial watermelon flavored gummy. It's sweet, and familiar. Do you guys remember those watermelon-shaped lollipops from the 90's? Big Slice? That is exactly what these taste like, just in gummy form. Another brain blast of childhood nostalgia, but unlike the Strawberry Hearts, this one gets a bit cloying as I snack. One or two is enough for me before I start feeling sick of the flavor. It's nice, in small doses. I don't think I would buy this one again, but it did make me want to google Big Slice lollipops to see if they are still around and if I can grab some for this year's Halloween candy bowl. 

Of the three flavors, I would only repurchase the Strawberry Hearts, but that's just because of my personal snacking preferences. I could see Boost-lovers digging these cola bottles, and the watermelon rings would probably be a hit with children. Even though two of these products weren't for me, I'm still impressed with Crazy Candy Co. and I look forward to trying more of their products as they pop up on Aldi Shelves. If you're looking for a sweet pick-me-up, definitely give Crazy Candy Co. a shot!

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