Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Alphabet vs. School Busses - Gummi Edition

Crazy Candy Co. Gummies - Aldi 
I was craving Gummi candy, and these were marked down at Aldi, so I scooped up a few bags to give them a try. I'm pretty sure both bags contain the same flavors, just in different shapes, but I guess we'll find out for sure! 

Gummi School Buses - 3 flavors

Turns out there are only three colors/flavors in this bag, and there is no info to say which flavor is meant to be what, so looks like it's a guessing game.  

Orange (orange?) - sweet, juicy, a little zesty, but fairly generic as far as orange flavored gummies go. It's nice enough, but it makes me think of lollipops I would get at the doctor's office.  

Red (cherry?) - Starts out a little medicinal and throat drop-y, but it has an interesting honey-like finish. Could it be the beeswax? It's good, not the best cherry flavored gummy, but that honey-like after taste really has me intrigued and wanting more. 

Green (apple?) - Bright, a little tangy, but mostly sweet, like apple juice. I normally hate apple flavored sweets, but this is more realistic, like the apple Kasugai gummies. It's the Apple SNapple of apple flavored gummies.

Gummi Alphabet - 6 flavors

This time we have 6 flavors, but three look like they're repeats from the School Bus bag. 

Red (cherry?) - tastes the same as school-bus cherry. A little cough-drop-like, but fairly classic cherry.

Clear (pineapple?) - bright, tropical, flavorful. A pretty great pineapple, maybe even better than Haribo!  

Green (apple) - bright and apple-juice-y, just like the School Bus version. 

Yellow (lemon?) - very mellow, sweet, and candy-like. Kind of like the center of Lemonheads. It's okay but I would have loved some zestier notes and a little bit of tartness. 

Orange (orange?) - Sweet and zesty, just like the School Bus version. 

Pink (strawberry?) - Sweet, a little cotton candy-like, and kind of generically fruity. I think this is supposed to be strawberry, but I am not entirely sure. It's good though,    

Pretty sure these are novelty products that were aimed at the back to school season, but they are way tastier than they had any right to be.

Of the two, I prefer the large size of the school busses, but I wish they had the same flavor variety of the alphabets. If I were going to rebuy just one, it would be the letters purely for their variety, but honestly, both bags are pretty great. 

Since I got got these while they were on the way out, the bags were less than a dollar each, which is a pretty awesome deal. If you see this brand around, and you like Gummi candy, I say they're definitely worth trying! They recently expanded their line offering tons of flavors and gummi varieties, so look forward to more Crazy Candy Co. posts in the near future. 

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