Tuesday, May 31, 2016

efrutti Gummi Candy Pizza - Five Below

efrutti Gummi Candy Pizza Five Below
I hope you had an awesome weekend, because I did!

I hosted a BBQ for my friends on Saturday, spent some time with my family and filmed a few more YouTube video reviews on Sunday, and I even found a little time to relax on Monday. (Which was glorious!)

My idea of relaxing involved playing a LOT of Rogue Legacy, a nap, and enjoying a cotton candy scented bubble bath. I haven't felt this rested in ages, and rather than jump into a healthy or long-winded food review, I thought I would take it easy and write up something fun and short. So here's a tiny gummy pizza pie!

There's this bizarre class of gummi candy that's made to look like non-gummi foods, we've all seen them in the candy aisle, and odds are if you did, they were made by efrutti.  This company has cornered the novelty food-shaped gummy market. You name it, they've made it! Little gummi hamburgers/cheeseburgers, pizzas, hot dogs, french fries, popcorn, fried eggs...the list goes on and on. Five Below had a lot of these gummy novelty products to pick from, but I HAD to go with the tiny pizza.

The packaging is adorable, and very functional. There is a paper pizza-box-sleeve on the outside with the necessary nutritional information, a little mascot illustration that looks like the candy cousin of the Andy Capp, the popular Hot Fries mascot, and an homage to the Italian flag. The overall design isn't all that impressive, but the concept is really playful, which is why theses novelty candies are so appealing. They look fun!

Once opened, your tiny pizza is housed in a plastic tray with a clear plastic safety seal. Unlike the traditional 8-slices for more pizzas, this one is only 5, and the toppings are pretty varied. I can see olives (purple), peppers (green), Mushrooms (orange), Tomatoes(?) (red), and...something white? Garlic maybe? Not entirely sure about that one...but hey, this is still cute!

The pizza pie smells sweet and generically fruity without any one fruit in particular being stronger than another. Really, it smells just like the rest of these foamy novelty gummies. If you've had one, you've pretty much had them all. The orange foamy gummi base of this pizza is just like the gummi burger buns I've had before. It's almost fruit-punch-like in it's non-specific fruity flavoring and it has a very stiff chew. Similar in texture to foamy Haribo gummies, but without the flavor pay off.
The toppings seem less stiff, but they don't have any distinct flavoring of their own. I bit off a few here and there and they all tasted the same as the orange foamy base. It's not a bad flavor at all, it's sweet, fruity, and thanks to the stiffness of the texturing, it's pretty satisfying for a novelty, but that's all this is. A novelty.
Gummi candy is my favorite kind of candy, and I love all things food-shaped/related, so you'd think I'd absolutely love this stuff, but I don't. It's a really cute concept, but I rather buy a bag of Haribo or Trolli. These novelty sweets have their time and place, like as gag gifts, or party favors for themed events, but when it comes to truly satisfying gummi candy, efrutti just doesn't have what it takes.
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  1. I wonder if the white chunk was supposed to be cheese? Fresh mozzarella?

  2. Could be garlic too, yeah... Either way, it is highly cute!

  3. By the way...efrutti is the original Trolli. They lost the Trolli brand in the US and had to sell it to Ferrara, that's now a Ferrero company. Complicated?

  4. this pizza gummy candy available in india, if available please share contact & location my little one dear friend love this candy pizza & she want this any how.