Monday, November 8, 2021

I Don't Know If I Need You - Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop Black Cherry

Pepsi Cola Black Cherry Soda Shop - Wawa

Maybe it's because I was a rebellious teenager in a Coke-household, but I prefer Pepsi. 
I'll drink Cherry Coke when I visit my mom (who usually keeps a few cans for me), but when I'm buying soda for myself, I always go Pepsi. I feel like Pepsi tastes a bit zippier, bolder, and their Generation-themed ads in the 90's with the Spice Girls continue to take up space in my brain all these years later. (Move over, yeah! Don't do it over!~) 
Cherry cola is my go-to drive-thru beverage. I prefer Pepsi, but I'll take Coke when needed and if neither is available it's good ol' Dr. Pepper. (BUT If there is a Coke Remix machine, it raspberry Coke, 100%) Basically, I love fruity colas. So when I saw Pepsi launched this semi-retro Soda Shop line I headed straight for the cherry flavor. 

The branding is cute enough. It feels retro, and clean, but modern. If the bottle themselves had a more unique shape, or they were made of glass, I think it would enhance the Soda Shop theme they were going for, but that would certainly be more costly production-wise. I like it, but it feel slightly unfinished.  

Anticlimactic, but when opened it smells like cherry cola. It's a bit more cherry-forward than normal wild cherry Pepsi, but it smells exactly like you'd expect.

At first sip, I get Stewart's black cherry soda flashbacks. Sometime around middle school I became obsessed with Stewarts, they had a black cherry and a cherries and cream version, and the black cherry was my favorite. It's been a long time since I've had it, but this is firing all the same synapses in my brain. It's sweet, fruity, a little deeper than you're usual maraschino-like cherry cola, and it has a sweeter, smoother, finish than wild cherry Pepsi.

I like it, I really do, but something about it leaves me unsatisfied. I think it's how sweetly this cola finishes. Pepsi usually has a bit of a citric acid tang and a lot of carbonation, and this feels slightly flat by comparison. If I paired this with a cheeseburger and some fries, I'd probably like it a lot more, but as a stand alone drink, I think it's a little too mellow for me. 

This is a sweet, fruity, cola, it's just not the cola I'm looking for. I still prefer Wild Cherry Pepsi, but I would buy this again if I planed on cooking up some burgers and fries at home. 

Also, here is my obligatory forever-link to Savage Garden that I MUST post in EVERY Chica-Cherry Cola Review EVER. 

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