Wednesday, May 2, 2018

♪ Ooh, I want you, I don't know if I need you! ♪

Cherry Cola Oreos - Target $2.99
Obligatory link to Savage Garden's 90's hit, I Want You. One of the first CDs I ever stole from my mom's collection. (She has good taste.) Such an under appreciated band and song! 
If I ever review something cherry cola themed and do NOT link to that song, just know that I have been replaced with a robot or body snatcher. 
Now that the song-nostalgia-gods have been appeased, let's take a closer look at these Cherry Cola Oreos. 
Normally I skip over Oreo packaging, but I feel like the contrast of colors here is quite eye catching and very Pepsi-like. We have red, white, and blue that somehow doesn't end up looking accidentally patriotic, and the way the creme filling is 2-toned is very VERY similar to Pepsi's spherical logo. Yet, the can on the bag is red and looks quite Coke-like? Are they trying to play up both brands on purpose in the effort of getting a Name-brand mash-up deal down the line? Remember when Oreo released their "Fruity Crisp" Oreos, only to pull a shady fast one by releasing Mystery Oreos that turned out to be...(dun, dun dun!!) Fruity Pebbles flavored? Yeah, they were slightly different, but that was pretty infuriating. I feel like, even if this flavor doesn't win, they might recycle this further down the line and try to get either Coke or Pepsi to sign up for a branding crossover deal, and by keeping the artwork here neutral to both brands, they increase their chances. That's just a theory, a FOOD theory! Thanks for reading. 
Anyway, minor food consumerism-conspiracy aside, when this flavor was announce I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I love cherry cola, it's my go-to soda choice regardless of brand, and I have enjoyed quite a few cherry cola flavored candies in the past, and I have a Cherry Coke lip balm in the top drawer of my desk. My first reaction was, "ooh!," followed by, "wait a minute..."  
Dipping an Oreo into cherry cola doesn't sound all that disgusting, what with ice cream sodas and all, but it's not one of the most appetizing combinations either. Especially after I remembered how much I hated the Root Beer Float cookie trend a few summers back. That was a dark, dark, time for my taste-buds. Will this be part two? (Electric Boogaloo?)

I peeled back the plastic front, and the aroma is surprisingly authentic! There is a sweet, slightly tangy, cola scent with a hint of cherry. Honestly, these almost smell as if they're truly carbonated. Compared to my lipbalm, these smell way more like the real deal. Impressive. 
I grabbed a cookie, twisted it open, and even though the red and white coloring reminds me a bit of the Candy Cane Oreos, or toothpaste, it certainly doesn't taste like it. 
The creme filling has a surprisingly smooth cola flavoring with tiny bits of popping candy mixed in. The popping is pretty mild, like a package of Pop-Rocks that has been open for too long, but it does add to the overall soda-like experience. Honestly, this filling tastes way more authentic and pleasant than it has any right to be. It really does taste like cherry cola. Sugary semi-flat cherry cola, but cola none-the-less.  
When eaten with the cookie, the filling fizzles. The chocolate wafer muddies up a lot of the cola flavoring, and the popping candy is outshines by crunchy cookie bits, but the flavor combination is still pretty darn good, and best of all, these still pair nicely with milk. 
Cola and milk may sound like an odd combo, but it's actually been around for quite some time. Laverne, from Laverne & Shirley, used to mix Pepsi with milk and drink it on the show, and since then it's become a bit of a pop-culture-foodie-phenomenon.  
The combination of cola, cookies, and milk might not be the flavor dream team we may have wanted, or even needed, but it's far better than I ever expected it to be. I liked these Oreos way more than I ever expected but, for me, the Kettle Corn is still my number one. 

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  1. We saw these at Target this past weekend, and I told my kidlet we had to wait for your review. I guess we now need to try them both. Thanks for taking one for the team and trying them!