Saturday, July 16, 2016

Snackbusters: 3 Different Tic Tac Reviews in one post!

If there's something weird
And it don't look good
Who you gonna call
Remember how I said this wasn't going to be a thing? It might not be a permanent addition to my blog line-up, but it's an awesome way for me to bust through similar products in my stash, so I'm doing it again! This time I've got three different flavors of Tic Tacs.

My friends and family have been buying me these flavors as gifts, because they haven't been on the blog yet, but really...they've been in my food stash all along. So I figured I better get these posted ASAP before I drown in Tic Tacs!

 Cherry▸Cola Tic Tac Mixers
Packaging: Visually, this is lovely, function-wise, it's awful! The colors are bold, and overall this looks very appealing, but when I try to open the package it tore right down the side instead of on the perforated line. Normally this isn't a big deal, but that removes all the nutritional information and flavor info. Very annoying. 

Smell: Sweet and sugary with a hint of cherry cola. Very nice.

Taste: At first, a really weak but generically fruity flavoring, but as it sits on my tongue the artificial cherry starts to shine through. Very similar to the red cherry in other Tic Tac mixes, like the summer Bomb pop one, then it fades into a very mild fruity flavoring again. It isn't until you start to chew it up that the cola flavor presents itself, and when it does it's pretty darn good! These seem chewier than normal Tic-Tac centers, and the flavoring is similar to Haribo's cola bottles. Sweet, cola-like, but a little flat. I liked these a lot and would definitely re-buy. Also, HERE is the obligatory Savage Garden YouTube link that I feel compelled to put in every cherry cola product review. If I don't post it, I die a little inside. Very 90's.

 Peach▸Lemonade Tic Tac Mixers
Packaging: Same packaging issues as the cola, but this one tore on the perforated line easily and stayed pretty looking with all info in tact.

Smell: Kind of Snapple-like. It's sweet, and reminiscent of peach scented candles, air fresheners, and Bath & Body Works products.

Taste: Again, it starts out sweet and generically fruity, with a peach-like tang, but the longer it sits the more of the artificial peach flavoring shines though. This is like bottled peach tea and air freshener kindo-of-peach. Cloying, sweet, and...not-so great. When you chew it up the lemon starts to shine. It's tanginess helps to balance out the overwhelming sweetness of the peach flavoring, but it's pretty sweet itself. This combo isn't terrible, but it's not great either. Arizona Tea and Arnold Palmer fans would like this one. It's too air-freshener-like and overly sweet for me to buy again. 

  Banana Minion Printed Tic Tacs
Packaging: Same as the Passion fruit version I reviewed way back when these were first released. Really cute and well done for a novelty product, but now it's finally BANANA flavored! (Like it should have been all along.)

Smell: Sweet, banana-like, but also creamy. Kind of like banana ice cream or banana mixed with Nilla wafers. So far, things are looking good.

Taste: It takes a few seconds to get going, but when it finally kicks in it's fairly authentic, but it quickly morphs into a more obnoxious artificial banana, like Runts, and it has a weird wintergreen-bubblegum-finish. When I tasted the authentic banana notes at the beginning I got my hopes up. I thought that this was everything I had hoped it would be, but that quickly changed. Why are these so...wintergreen-y? Very bizarre aftertaste. Hate to say it, but I liked the passion fruit better, and I could barely stand those! I wouldn't re-buy them, but I hope they reformulate the banana flavoring in the future. It started out great, but it was ultimately the least edible of the three due to this aftertaste. 
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