Friday, November 5, 2021

Aldi's Journey to Japan - Take 2 - Ponzu Ginger

Journey to Japan Ponzu Ginger Chips -Aldi

Aldi likes to release "around the world" products, with a particular recurring focus on India, Germany, Italy, and Japan. These were the flavor companion to the Wasabi flavored chips I reviewed a little while ago, and the newest addition to the "Journey to Japan" line.

If you haven't already read my wasabi review, spoiler alert, they're good, but not great. I am on a mid to high tolerance range for wasabi/horseradish, it takes a lot for me to feel the burn, and I wanted those chips to pack a punch. They didn't. Here's hoping that this flavor is a bit more unique and flavorful.


Design-wise, Aldi has come a long way. The bag has a matte texture, which photographs beautifully, and feels high end. The imagery is really polished too, with lots of faux texturing and bold pops of color. These look fancy, not pinkies-up-fancy, more like Trader-Joe's-fancy, but it's a notable glow-up from chips offered in previous years. (I cringed writing "glow-up. Do the "kids" even say that anymore?)

When opened, the chips inside are a faint orange-y color, like the bag art suggests, but I feel like that doesn't make sense. Ginger tends to be portrayed as orange or tan visually, and actual fresh ginger is a like yellow. While Ponzu is made of soy sauce, citrus, mirin, and a few other ingredients. None of which tend to be orange. I mean sometimes you make the sauce using orange juice, but it's coloring is always lost in the final mixture which leans a soy-saucy-brown color. So, why orange? 

Opened, the chips inside smell like ginger (duh), and a savory umami aroma that reminds me a lot of soy sauce and sushi rice vinegar. There is a brightness to the smell, which might be the citrus, but it's overpowered by the savory vinegar. 

Taking a bite, the flavoring isn't as bold as it smelled. It tastes like potato chip, slightly tangy, but mostly sweet, vinegar, and ginger. I don't taste any hint of citrus. I aimed for a more orange colored chip for my second bite, and that seemed to have a bit more of the citrus-like flavoring I was looking for. It's kind of like a tiny hint of lime, mixed with sweet sushi vinegar and soy sauce. It's pretty good and reminds me of a lighter, non-kettle, version of the Lay's Do Us a Flavor Wasabi Ginger chips that have since been discontinued. 

I think I actually like these more than the wasabi flavors. They're brighter, certainly more unique, and very snackable. I found myself reaching for more as I typed up this post and now about half the bag in gone. (How did that happen?)  

These are yummy, and unique, but they do lend a bit sweeter than I would like. I will have no trouble finishing this bag, but I don't see myself craving these again and buying them for my own personal consumption if they return next year. I would buy them for a gathering or party though. It's a  weird flavor, but a safe-weird-flavor.   

Did you give these a try? If so, what did you think?  

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