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All the Fun, Without the Trauma - Skittles Shriekers!

Skittles Shriekers!

Zombie Skittles embodied the impish nature of Halloween. Each candy you consumed may be a treat, or a vile, rotten-zombie-flavored trick. That said, the concept was fantastic, but the end result was that I felt hesitation, and a mild fear, while eating Skittles. Think of the episode of the Simpson's where Lisa tests Bart to see if he is smarter than a hamster using an electrified cupcake. After a few vile, onion-y, rotten zombie flavored Skittles I found myself not wanting to eat the rest of the bag. I ended up taking them to work where a coworker or two gave them a shot, and then, once the novelty had worn off, into the trash they went. 

Did I love them? Yes, but more-so in theory than in practice. I mean, no one is buying Bean Boozled boxes for casual snacking consumption, it's a fun game, and gross novelty, not a yummy snack. Same goes for Zombie Skittles. When I heard that Shriekers would be replacing them this year, I was intrigued. Same concept, but (hopefully) slightly more edible and less miserable. 

I'm in!  
So, just like in the Zombie mix, we have 5 flavors, but any one of them could be a "shriekingly" sour imposter! How sour will these get? We shall see! 

Rattled Raspberry
(purple)- deeper berry notes, a bit like the Ghoul-Aid popping candy I just reviewed. Raspberry is something we've seen in the America and Wild Berry mixes before, so it's not a new flavor, but this is sweet, tangy, and a little jammy.  Very welcome and certainly different from anything in the Original mix.

Spine-Tingling Tangerine (dark orange)- Zesty, a little tangy, and unique from original orange. Another flavor we've seen before in the Brightside Mix. It's slightly more mature, but I like that about it. 

Ghoulish Green Apple (dark green)- To me, this tastes a lot like the green apple that's been in the original mix for the last few years. Tangy, tart, sweeter than Jolly Rancher apple, but not all that realistic and far from my favorite. (Unless it's wrapped in caramel, I'm a green apple candy hater.)

Citrus Scream
(creamy orange)- Tastes like it looks, sweet, juicy, and creamy. Like an orange creamsicle. I'm not sure if this is something we've seen before, there was a citrus flavor in last year's Halloween Zombie-mix but I can't remember if this tastes the same as that or not. But it seems a lot like the orange creme from the Desserts Mix. It's good, but I'm a little surprised that this mix is leaning so citrus-heavy. We have three citrus flavors (a lot like the original-original mix, with one berry and an apple.) I'm curious about why that is, but I'm not complaining, they're actually my favorites! 

Shocking Lime (light green)- Zesty, bright, and juicy. I love lime, and it's been so long since I've had it that I can't remember if this is what it always tasted like. I want to say this tastes even better than the classic lime I remember from my childhood, but it could possibly taste exactly the same and I just don't remember anymore. Either way, this is the best flavor. Hands down. 10/10. Everyone else can go home, lime wins.   

It took three tries before I got a "shreiker." It's certainly sour, but not as intense as I thought it might be. More intense than Tear Jerkers gum, but not as intense as a Warhead. It'll make your mouth water, that's for sure, but it's not going to ruin your life like the sugary sour cream and onion-esque rotten zombie flavor from last year. 

After a bit more snacking I got a sour one with every 3-4 tries, so they're pretty well distributed, and they were masquerading as a different flavor each time. After several sours in a row, I did notice the familiar pain-in-the-tongue, and I felt my teeth ache slightly. Sour candy is the worst for our teeth/enamel, so I called it quits. But, overall, this is way better than the Zombie version.  

I'm not left with a Pavlovian fear of eating Skittles and I still get to experience the whimsical roulette-like fun of tricks and treats. If you like sour candies, and sour Skittles, be sure to give these a try. I'd love to know how you think they compare sour-wise. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go baby my sour-sensitive 34-year-old teeth. (Don't get old, kids.)

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