Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Desserts Skittles - Dollar General: Berlin,NJ

Desserts Skittles - Dollar General: Berlin,NJ
Don't let the package fool you, these aren't really "new," well, at least they aren't anymore. These came out a while ago, and a lot of food blogs have already reviewed them, but I'm still working my way through my food hoard, and I'm a bit behind the times. These might not be all that new anymore, but I still want to see what these dessert Skittles taste like. Let's get to it!

All of the packaging for Skittles follow the same simple concept: bold white logo, bright colorful background, rainbow, and scattered candies. There's not much to say here, it matches the rest of the Skittles flavors on the shelf, but the bubblegum-y pink color is just bright and different enough to make this specific package stand out. I like the color choice, it's a lovely shade, but there's nothing else I can really say about it. This is the same old product design with  new coat of paint, but it works.

Inside, we have five flavors, and the color combination is really bright and festive. Visually, these kind of remind me of the carnival themed Skittles that came out back when I was in high school. (Man, I miss those.)

Raspberry Sorbet (red): I can't help but say this flavor to the tune of Raspberry Beret. The flavoring is sweet, floral, and a tiny bit jammy, but it's mostly artificial. You can tell it's meant to be raspberry, and it does taste different from the other "red" flavored Skittles in the other variety bags. I like it. It's a nice change of pace.

Orange Creme (pale peachy orange): Sweet, creamy, and vanilla-y. Very similar to an orange creme popsicle, but it has a weirdly artificial aftertaste. The aftertaste isn't enough to put me off from eating more, but I wish it weren't there. Another flavor that I ended up liking a lot more than I thought I would.

Blueberry Tart (blue): This was the worst of the bunch for me, I couldn't taste anything I would liken to blueberries at all, just a sweet and artificial fruity flavoring. Not gross, or disgusting, but a lot more disappointing than any of the others.

Key Lime Pie (green): A slightly creamier and zestier version of their usual lime Skittle, and I really like it. I wish this had been included in the red and green themed holiday mix I reviewed. I wouldn't say this tastes like pie, but it has a zesty citrus flavor with a creamy hint of vanilla, it's pretty nice and refreshing!

Strawberry Milkshake (pink): Very similar to the red strawberry Skittle at first, but it has a yogurt-y finish that is kind of reminiscent of frozen yogurt. Again, this doesn't taste like a strawberry milkshake, but it is fruity and enjoyable.

I think this is a pretty good balance of flavors, and I liked eating every flavor. Sure, they doesn't taste like I am eating real desserts, but they are pretty enjoyable. The only real dud to me would be the blueberry tart, which tastes nothing like blueberries, but it's still enjoyable in a sweet artificial way, and I like the blue color mixed in with the others. Overall, this is a pretty decent array of flavors, and I might buy these over the original. (At least until they bring lime back, but I am an artificial green apple hater.) I'd say these are definitely worth a trry if you see them while you're out and about!
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  1. These dessert skittles aren't new, they have been available since the start of 2014. Anyways, theres a new skittles variety this year called Skittles Orchards. And the lime one is back in this mix.

    1. You're right, these have been out for quite a while, the packaging just says "new."

      As for the orchard mix, it was actually reviewed by Cybele from Candyblog, she does the Candyology101 podcast with me every other week and she told me about their release a little while ago. She got a little bag and just posted her review of that flavor this week.

      Check out her review here: http://www.candyblog.net/blog/item/skittles_orchards

      Lime is also in the Darkside mix as "Midnight Lime."

  2. You should start getting manicures if you're going to post pictures with your nails in them

  3. Red one was my favorite of this mix. Blue one is my second favorite, actually tastes like blueberry instead of a fake "raspberry" flavor. Orange and pink were good too. I didn't like the green ones.

    For me, this mix is a 7/10. I didn't like the green ones, orange and pink were passable, and I liked the red and blue.