Monday, January 19, 2015

Crispy Oven Baked Wings

 Crispy Oven Baked Wings- Pinterest Recipe Review : The PIN The RECIPE
Today I have another post based on my YouTuber obsession, this time I was inspired by Chef John from As the name suggests, he's a chef and he's a YouTuber, I've been subscribed to him for a long time now and I've tried several of his recipes. (All of them worked out great.) Yesterday I found a bag of chicken wings in my freezer, and I figured I might as well try out his method for making oven-baked wings that are (nearly) as crispy as fried ones. The results? SUCCESS!

This method for crispy oven-baked wings is incredibly easy, instead of dusting the wings in some spices and flour, you substitute the flour for baking powder. That's it! It's so easy! I followed his instruction and measurements exactly, so there were no substitutions this time around, but I did stray away from his baking method. Chef John originally used a wire rack to bake his wings, which will make them even crispier than the ones I made, but I didn't do that. I do have wire baking racks, but I opted to cook my wings on a baking sheet covered in aluminum foil instead. There's no important reason why I opted not to, I just didn't feel like scrubbing chicken fat off the metal racks. (I don't own a dishwasher, and those wire racks are no fun to de-grease.)

The original wing recipe called for a honey sriracha glaze, which is just as simple as it sounds, but I didn't have much honey left in my pantry, so I just tossed my wings in some pre-made wing-sauce I had in the fridge. (I bought it at the farmer's market, it's locally made, so that counts as being fancy, right?)

I am super impressed by this baking powder method. The skin is crispy and slightly chewy, just like the fried wings I buy from my local pizza shop, and there was no oily mess to clean up. I'm going with this method from now on, it's so much better! No oil, no splattery mess on my stove, and the wings are still nice and crisp!

If you like wings, you have to give this oven-baked method a try. It's life changing! Well, not really, that's a bit dramatic, but it has changed the way I cook up wings. I plan on baking up a few trays of these wings this way at my next party and allow guests to toss them with their sauce of choice. (Which is an awesome idea for those of you hosting Superbowl parties this year. I think it's coming up soon, I don't watch sports so I honestly have no idea. Yay sports! Go sports!)
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