Monday, November 1, 2021

Snap, Cackle, Pop! - Ghoul-Aid Popping Candy

Ghoul-Aid Popping Candy 
- Dollar Tree

Back in 2015 I reviewed pouches of Ghoul-Aid, but those were blackberry flavored, so I think this product might be a in-name-only kind of deal. It says "Ghoul-Aid" and it's purple, but according to the illustration, it's generically berry flavored.

With Halloween items getting discounted and disappearing from shelves, let's see if it's worth scooping up.  

I got this at Dollar Tree where it was 3-pouches for $1.00, not a terrible deal when it comes to Pop Rocks, or similar candy products. The packaging is fun, festive, and in-line with the spooky Kool-Aid offering.  

When opened, this stuff has a strong berry aroma. It leans into raspberry territory, more-so artificial than realistic, but appealing none the less. There is also a slight citric acid tanginess that makes me think of actual Kool-Aid mix. 

When it hit my tongue, the candy didn't taste as boldly as it smelled, but it's good. We have a sweet, generic raspberry flavoring that leans a little darker and more berry-like than other popping candy offerings. Far from realistic, but different from your typical popping candy flavors. It dissolves rather quickly, and seems to pop slightly less than Pop Rocks-branded candy, but it's still pretty great. You get something sweet, slightly fruity, that pops. What more can you ask for? 

I would definitely buy this product again, and I think it would be an awesome addition to any Halloween gathering. Whether it's watching Urban Legend and testing out the ol' Pop Rocks and Coke story, using it instead of sugar or salt to decorate the rims of fancy cocktails, or just snacking on while binging your favorite scary movie. This cheap little candy is definitely worth buying, especially if you manage to find it on clearance.  

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