Monday, December 10, 2012

Candy Cane Pop Rocks - Michael’s : Moorestown, NJ

Candy Cane Pop Rocks - Michael’s : Moorestown, NJ
I teach art and Spanish to kids (2.5-5 years old) every Wednesday, so while I was buying some craft supplies, I also picked up some holiday candy.
The packaging SCREAMS Christmas. It’s bright red, with candy cane stripes down the sides and pine trees scattered about. I don’t think they could have made it any brighter. The package borders on being cheery, or obnoxious.
I opened up the packet expecting the candy to smell like peppermint, but is smells fruity. I can smell artificial cherry with a slight hint of mint. That was a little disappointing. I was really looking forward to peppermint Pop Rocks. I usually dislike fruity flavors paired with mint, but maybe it won’t taste fruity?

I put a teaspoon sized amount in my mouth, and at first it it tasted like cherry Pop Rocks. After a few seconds, there is a little bit of minty flavor, but this is really more of a fruity candy cane than a peppermint one. The minty flavor lingers in your mouth once all the candy has dissolved, but when I ate more it was right back to the fruity cherry flavor.

As I separated the candy by color, it seems like the white bits are the actual candy cane flavor and all the pink was fruity. There were a LOT more pink than white candy inside this pouch. (Maybe the one I purchased just didn’t have a great pink-to-white ratio.)
The candy wasn’t bad, but it was definitely not candy cane flavored. That was a big let down for me. I wouldn’t buy this candy again. (Not unless they make it REALLY taste like a candy cane.)
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