Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka - ???

Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka - ???
Another little birthday gift from my boyfriend. (I got this back in October but I haven't gotten around to reviewing it.)
Now, I am not a big drinker, and I am no vodka expert, so take this review with a grain of salt. I am just a 20-something foodie who likes their booze to taste like candy and food. If you're like me and prefer your alcoholic drinks to taste yummy, this review is for you.

Due to the consistent packaging and design for all Pinnacle products, I’ll skip over the aesthetic part of my review. (Although I will say that all my Pinnacle bottles look so nice next to one another.) 
As soon as you twist off the cap it is blatantly obvious that this vodka will be sweet. It smells sugary, but there is still an alcohol aroma. In fact, the scent reminds me of this cotton candy perfume I used in middle school called Juice Bar. (Does anyone else remember that stuff?) The initial scent doesn’t bring cotton candy to mind, but it does have an indiscriminate candy smell.

Taking a sip, the vodka tastes as sweet as it smells. I'm not someone who usually does shots, but I think I could handle a few of these. There was more of a burning sensation for this flavor than the pumpkin pie version, but it isn’t as bad as the Wave flavored vodkas I reviewed before.

As far as taste, it isn’t very cotton-candy-like on it’s own, but I could see it being a good addition for a mixed drink. (This would mix well with cream sodas and other sweet beverages.)
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