Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sky Bar Zombie Food - Walmart

Sky Bar Zombie Food - Walmart
I'm so excited that I don't know how to start this review. I just...I freaking love this packaging. It's everything a novelty Halloween candy should be!
Sky Bar is produced by Necco, and it's one of those candies that's been around for a long time (since 1938), so it has it's own dedicated fan-base, but I think of it as a cult classic in the candy eating world. It's something that older candy consumers have heard of, and likely tried, but younger audiences have no idea that it exists.

The original Sky Bar is a segmented milk chocolate bar with four different fillings, caramel, vanilla creme, peanut butter, and fudge. You get four flavors in one candy bar, how awesome is that? So far, it's the only bar to have all these different flavor combinations, which is why it's remained so popular, but once and a while they'll release a novelty product that comes in a unique shape with only one of their signature fillings.

Although they aren't as popular or iconic as other candy bars, Sky Bar has stuck around and tried to keep itself relevant with some novelty products. During some very dark times, they paired up with the Twilight movie franchise to release some Twilight-themed chocolates, each with their own mold and a different filling. (The horror....) Thankfully, for the last few Halloweens they've done something a little less scary, they created chocolate body parts and filled them with red-tinted caramel! How fun is that?

First of all we all know why I bought this product. This freaking packaging! Sure, it's cheesy, but it's for Halloween! This holiday is all about fun and novelty, and that's exactly what Sky Bar delivers. We've got a goofy but gross zombie face, bright colors, chocolates shaped like body parts, red oozing filling, and even little cheesy lines like, "Tear here to devour brains." It's so fun! A lot of seasonal packaging by Hershey's and other bigger brands play it safe, they toss a few bats or a haunted house on the bag, maybe change the color scheme up a bit, and that's pretty much it. Not Sky Bar and Necco! They went all out! Even their individual wrappers have a zombie silhouette and toxic-looking colors. Just looking at the packaging makes me so happy...but it gets better!

Look at these freaking molded shapes!!! I just... I can't. This is my "I can't even" moment. I was goth in high school, and even though I don't wear all black from head to toe anymore, I still love all things spooky and creepy. These shapes warm my little goth heart and I absolutely love all the detail in them. The anatomical heart has veins, the brain has it's wrinkles, and the foot has a tiny protruding bone with toenail and knuckle detailing!

It's safe to say, I'm absolutely in love with the concept and the aesthetics of this candy, but how does it taste?

Sadly, it's okay at best. The chocolate is very sweet, and the red dyed buttery caramel filling makes it even sweeter! These are like chocolate coated diabetes bombs, which I'm sure young kids would like, but for me? This is just too much. Each of these little body parts are pretty big (about the size of a novelty Reese's product) it's too much for sugar in one sitting, but the runny red caramel make it impossible to eat just a portion without everything turning into an incredible mess.

So would I recommend buying a bag of these to hand out this Halloween season? SURE! These are beautifully molded, the caramel inside is intensely colored but nicely flavored, and I'm sure kids will love them. As a snackable candy, one is enough to last me all week, so unless you're really into intense sweets, I wouldn't keep a bag all to myself.
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  1. The concept is great but they could had reduced the sugar and let the caramel take care of sweetness. Dark chocolate would be ideal.

    1. You're right, dark chocolate would have been a way better choice!

  2. The Twilight Sky bars were the first ones I've had. I had heard of Sky, but never saw it for sale. They were on clearance, so I tried and loved them. I liked the idea of multiple fillings in one bar separated from each other.

    I agree with you about the package and molds. Those look awesome!