Monday, November 7, 2022

Bonne Apple-Tea - Lidl Seasonal Tea

Cinnamon Apple Tea
- Lidl 

I am officially over-pumpkin'd, but there is one pumpkin thing I purchase each year and enjoy, and that is Pumpkin Spiced Tea. 

A bunch of companies make this stuff. Over the years I have had Celestial Seasonings, Trader Joes, Harney & Sons, Aldi, and Lidl's takes. I even made this post about it, Three Teas Enter, One Tea Leafs! 

But, since I still had some pumpkin spice bags leftover from last year, I thought I would give apple a try this time. 

This was a bad call. 

Brewed, it smells great. It's bright, more like apple juice than a brown cider, and the main spice seems to be cinnamon. It reminds me of the mini apple cinnamon brooms I buy and hang in my bathroom each year. Judging by smell alone, 10/10, but this is meant to be a drink.  

The packaging says this is a caffeine free, herbal, tea, but it doesn't specify what kind of tea. After brewing, and looking at the ingredients, it looks like a red-tea. I prefer black tea, but I drink drink red from time to time.

I drink my tea straight, I don't normally add sugar, but this tastes like it has sugar in it. On top of that, it is somehow sour? The sourness isn't intense, like in candies, it's more like an unripe or tart Granny Smith apple. Which is not my apple of choice. (Fuji or bust!) The tartness more-so hits you in the back of the tongue and throat with a smooth, dry, cinnamon finish. I like the cinnamon, but this tea's a bad apple.  

This tastes like it smells. I am drinking liquid cinnamon apple broom. No, thank you. 

I personally wouldn't buy this again, and I don't see why anyone else out there would like it when there are better alternatives. Hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick would kick this tea's butt any day. Grab a jug at the farmer's market or even at Aldi the next time you're there and skip over this box. 

I'll keep a few bags around for other tea people to try, in case I'm wrong and they magically like it, but I the rest of these are destined to be potpourri.

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  1. Herbal teas don't generally have actual tea in them, and there is none in this according to the ingredients. The redness and the sourness is probably from the hibiscus?

    1. You're completely right! I am definitely thinking the hibiscus is to blame for the bitterness