Monday, July 10, 2023

PINK, it's like red but not quite - Pink Lemonade Creme Cookies

Pink Lemonade Creme Cookies - Aldi

How will they compare to the Lime? Let's jump right in and find out! 

When it comes the describing the aroma, I want to say that this smells, "pink." I know, that doesn't make sense to some of you, but if you'd ever described things as tasting, "red," you get it. 

This smells like vanilla cookies, sweet frosting, and pink lemonade drink mix. It is not a bold, bright, or zesty aroma, it's more mild and sugary. Think cotton candy, with a hint of lemon. 

On it's own, the cookie is stiff and a little stale. But these are brand new, right out of the package. Not a good sign. They're really dry and flour-heavy, like a sweeter version of Pop-Tart crusts, and it absorbs a little of the sugary lemon flavor from the creme which is the best thing about it. Flavor-wise, they are acceptable, but far from great. The lime-cookie was way better. 

Twisted apart, the filling is dry and crumbly. It either dried too fast in production, or the cookies weren't pressed together as tightly as it should have been, because the icing blob in the center is thicker than usual and not well distributed. The filling crumbles into bits if you try to remove it or eat it on it's own. Kind of like dried toothpaste.  

It tastes tart, tangy, and familiar. Like the lemon raspberry Laffy Taffy I reviewed a few years ago. ON it's own, it's pretty decent. I like the tangy kick, which is similar to Lemon Coolers, but it's very messy to eat on it's own, you end up with pink bits everywhere. 

Taking a bite of the cookie combined, it shattered in my hands. I figured it was a fluke and grabbed another cookie so I could try and get a bite shot. Cookie number two shattered the same way. These are a one-biter, or will definitely need to be softened in milk to get a clean bite-through. 

Combined, the flavors work nicely, it's like a crunchier cookie version of the Pink Lemonade Pop-Tart. It's an enjoyable experience, but there are better lemon flavored cookies on the market. So I wouldn't say these are worth your time. Especially after having just had the lime flavor. From the cookie to the filling, the lime version is significantly better. 

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