Friday, July 7, 2023

To Graham, or not to Graham - Aldi Key Lime Creme Cookies

My dogs made writing tonight's post nearly impossible. Between them wanting to be on my lap, off my lap, pawing at my hands while typing, randomly licking my feet, running around my chair, and generally begging for attention at all times...I nearly gave up. I love them to death. They're my babies, but they're not the teeny tiny lap dogs they think they are. Typing over their fluffy 12-14lb bodies as they practically vibrate in my lap is no easy task. I finally got the dog stroller out, popped Pepper inside (the worst offender) and parked him next to me like you would a baby in a bassinette. 

If this post makes little to no sense, just know, I tried. 

Once a loyal Aldi-shopper, I've since turned to the Lidl-side. It's just more convenient. Lidl opened a new location that is on my way home from work without having to deal with any highways or traffic, so I can quickly run my post-work-errands, and get back home to walk my needy pups. It's great, but there are a few Aldi staples that make it worth the trip. 

Like the knock-off novelty Oreos. (I also think Aldi's milk, heavy cream, and butter are better, for the record.) I just picked these up, and already there is a newer flavor available, Pink Lemonade, which I also grabbed. So expect to see them next week. (I wanted to post them together, but I am barely making it through typing this post, so Pink Lemonade will get it's own write-up.) 

Oreo released a few lime variations in the past, Limeade, Shure Bert, and Key Lime Pie...and these are looking pretty Key-Lime-Pie-y. I'd say that's the cookie they were looking to dupe, and so far, it seems spot on. 

Opened, the cookies look graham-like, just like Oreo's version, which is on-theme, but the bag and flavor-name don't mention that at all. The only descriptor we get is "Key Lime Creme." 

Trying the cookie on it's own, it tastes more like animal crackers than actual graham crackers, but it never promised to be, so I can't hold that against it. They're actually really tasty with a delightful crunch, I think I actually like this more than the golden Oreo or Graham Oreo options. 

The filling is super bright, nearly neon, and it smells zesty and sweet. Kind of like a lime flavored Jello, or sherbet. It's more mellow than I expected. On it's own, the creme has a tangy lime flavor that comes through as you chew, and mildly tart after taste. Kind of like a touch of citric acid, but lime-ier. I love Key Lime Pie, and have eaten several, completely solo, in my lifetime. This ain't it. It's creamy, and sweet, but it just isn't lime-y enough for me. 

Normally the creme filling is better on it's own, but this is a case where it's better together. Eaten like a normal cookie, I feel like the key lime pie illusion is at it's strongest. You have sweet graham-like cookies, tangy sweet creme, and somehow the tart lime aftertaste seems bolder when everything is eaten together at once. 

Would I rather have an actual key lime pie? Sure, no contest, but this is a decent cookie. It's pretty great for summer too! I could see these making a fun addition to some lime-flavored blondies or other baked goods, or just eaten as is. If you liked the lime Oreos, you'll probably dig these too, better stock up while you can! Aldi is already moving on to the next new thing! 

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