Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Blurred Limes - A Trio of Lime Themed Reviews

3 Lime Reviews 

I freaking love lime, and I also love putting a dent in my foodie backlog, so today we have a triple dose of citrus. (No need to worry about scurvy!) Three lime products, one a returning classic, compared to two limited edition releases. Which is best and how do they rate on a scale of 1-10 in terms of lime-y-ness? We shall see!

Limited Edition Key Lime Pie Kit-Kat Bar
 - Kit-Kat has been killing it lately with it's American flavor releases. Duos? Delicious. Witch's Brew? Magical. Lemon? Yes, please! So, why not lime? When opened, these smell sweet, creamy, and a little citrus-y. It's a very mild aroma, but I could detect the "key lime pie" thing they were going for. I took a bite...and it's okay. It's very sweet and creamy with a mildly zesty lime finish. I have eaten a full key lime pie myself, more than once, in my lifetime. This ain't it. Which is disappointing. Most of the lime flavoring presents itself at the end, as more of an after taste, and it's way more mild than I want it to be. I want something brighter, tangier, more like the previously released lemon. This is yummy, but it just isn't lime-focused enough. 4/10 limes, if you eat you pie smothered in whipped cream and meringue, this is for you. 

White Chocolate Key Lime Pie m&m's -
 I feel like it's been a while since I have tried a new m&m, and I also feel like I Haven't been impressed or super interested by anything they have going on since their last contest where my beloved chili-nut lost to coffee-nut. But if they were going to catch my eye with anything, it was going to be lime. I even overlooked my hatred for their white-chocolate base! I popped a few into my mouth and...I hate them. These are 95% white chocolate, and maybe 5% lime flavoring. They're cloyingly sweet, with a very mild lime-juice flavoring, and that's about it. Oddly enough I kind if feel like I am getting a hint of coconut in there somewhere, which I don't completely hate, but where is the lime? If these were brighter, zestier, it would cut through the white chocolate sweetness and make these way more enjoyable. As-is, I don't even want to finish the bag. 2/10 limes, it's more like a white chocolate pie topped with a dusting of lime than anything else.

Limited Edition All Lime Skittles
- I am a loud and proud green apple Skittle hater. A few years back they released a retro mix with lime back in it's rightful place, and I bought several bags then ( likely after the success of the all pink Starburst pack) these were released. I couldn't find them anywhere. After the official return of lime announcement I was grabbing kitty litter at Walmart and found these on an endcap with all the clearance candy. So even though lime has been restored, I still grabbed a few bags of these because, lime is awesome. I was not disappointed. Unlike the all pink pack of Starburst, I never found myself bored. And although these are "sharing" size...I ate the entire bag myself. They taste sweet, zesty, juicy, and a little vanilla'd. Just like lime Skittles ought to taste. Very similar to the lime flavored  Tootsie fruit chews, but with a thin and crispy candy shell. I love these, and I especially love the cheeky photo on the back of the bag showing that every flavor inside is lime.  10/10 limes, best lime product in this trio of lime-themed reviews. 

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