Monday, March 1, 2021

A Duet of Duos

Kit-Kat Duos: Mocha & Dark Chocolate and Mint 
 - Aldi
American Kit-Kats are finally getting a steady stream of creativity and innovation! 
Previously, all my fun Kit-Kat reviews came from flavors that were sold overseas, like wasabi or bakeable Sweet Potato, but in the last four years we've had a healthy amount of American flavors. Seasonal offerings, like pumpkin pie, red velvet, and raspberry, a few local-flavors (like California Strawberry), and now stand alone packs of Apple Pie, Birthday Cake, and these Duos. 
The mint Duo came out over a year ago, and I guess it was successful, because it's stuck around and now the line is expanding with this new mocha flavor. So, why not check both out and see what they have to offer? 

 As the name suggests, each Duo is a mash-up of two flavors, one being chocolate based, and the other being something that complements it. (At least, that's the case so far.)

Compared to previous flavors, especially the ones released in Asia, these are pretty safe bets. You can't really go wrong with mint chocolate or coffee and chocolate, but what they lack in innovation, they more than make up for in their execution. 

Dark Chocolate and Mint: 
Smells exactly like Andes chocolates, so we're off to a great start. Taking a bite, they taste like Andes too! (With an added wafer crunch.) The mint flavoring is creamy and sweet, like a mild form of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and the chocolate is darker than usual Kit-Kat bars, but it's more like Hershey's Special Dark than anything else due to it's sweetness. I don't know if I really care for the addition of crispy wafers, but without them this wouldn't be a Kit-Kat. Sure, they add texture and a bit of ice-cream-cone-like flavor, but I'm not sure if that is something I wanted or felt was missing in a mint-chocolate combo. I'm left wishing I had a box of Andes, or those tiny dark chocolate mint cups I used to get in Berlin, NJ, but that didn't stop me from destroying the rest of this candy bar. So maybe I liked it more than I thought. 

Chocolate and Mocha:
Pretty impressive coffee smell! It's sweet, creamy, and has that slightly burnt coffee aroma, but in a good way. Like walking into a coffee shop that roasts their own beans. This pack doesn't advertise the chocolate as being "dark" but it looks a bit darker than your normal milk chocolate Kit-Kat bar. Takings a I did not think I was going to like this as much as I do. While the mint bar is kind of like a Kit-Kat with an ice-cream themed coating, this tastes like a completely different candy bar. The chocolate tastes darker, the coffee is bold and even though all the sweetness I can get a slightly bitter roasted flavor with a few actual coffee grounds! Then you get the added crispiness of the wafer. In my mind, this is what Coffee Crisp should be! It's all the flavor and sweetness found in a frozen mocha frappe, without the brain freeze, and with a little added crunch. 

So far, both flavors in this Duo line are pretty great, but for me? Mocha is the better flavor. It's a simple concept but it's executed so darn well that you can't help but fall in love with it. 

Where will this Duos line go next? I would love to see a dark chocolate and banana combination, but banana isn't a popular flavor here in the states. Maybe something safer like dark chocolate raspberry? If you like coffee, do yourself a favor and give Mocha a try and let me know what you think! 



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