Monday, January 9, 2017

Red Velvet Kit-Kats -Target

Red Velvet Kit-Kats -Target $3.24
We already know my stance on cake-flavored candy (spoiler alert: I think it's a scam), but when it comes to red velvet cake, things get a bit complicated.
Garish red-food-coloring aside, Red velvet cake is known for it's fine, velvety, texture and usual pairing with cream cheese frosting. (Food Snob Fact: It used to be served with ermine frosting, but most Americans use cream cheese these days.) Now, can you really cram chocolate cake, with a velvety texture, and cream cheese icing into a crispy, crunchy white chocolate confection like Kit-Kat? Sounds like a stretch, but we shall see...

Okay, I love the packaging. We've got chunky holiday appropriate colors, really adorable cat illustrations (little known fact, I have 3 cats!), and a very simple layout. It's refreshing to see 2-D illustrations in a sea of creepy 3-D rendered characters. In fact, this might be my favorite Valentine's Day themed packaging this year!
Inside are individually wrapped Kit-Kat bars. Instead of being little packs of two bars, these are mini, singular, "fingers,"  and they feature more adorable cat illustrations. Very cute! Although, I would have liked to see a little variety. Right now they're all the same cuddling cat couple, but they're really stinking cute, so I'll let it slide.
Unwrapped, the candy smells like those plastic tubs of grocery store cream cheese icing. Impressive! I was expecting something MUCH more chemical-y and artificial. If it tastes anything like it smells, I'll be a happy camper.
After taking a bite, I can safely say these are a miss for me. The white chocolate confectionery outside starts out great, with an on-the-nose recreation of grocery store cream cheese icing, but that fades into this awful, artificial, bitter chemical flavoring that sticks around for quite some time. The crunch of the wafers and the chocolate filling do what they can to cover that aftertaste up, but it's just not enough.

I gave one to my sister and she immediately made the face of a child eating their vegetables. She wants me to tell all of you that she does NOT approve. I don't think they're inedible, but she disagrees. Then again, I've eaten some very questionable things for this blog, so my taste buds might be a bit more tolerate than the average snacker.

Even if they aren't the worst thing I've ever eaten, I don't recommend picking these Kit-Kats up. (And that's coming from someone who genuinely enjoys the Japanese wasabi flavored Kit-Kat bars.)

Also, Orange is The New Black's rant on Red Velvet cake is one of my favorite things ever.
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  1. Maybe they could done a chocolate cake flavor or a black forest one