Tuesday, January 10, 2017

QUICKIE: Holiday Sugar Cookie Cracker Jack

Holiday Sugar Cookie Cracker Jack - Walmart (.49 cents!)
Even though Christmas has come and gone, I'm a sucker for a bargain foodie find. I spotted these in the 2 for a dollar snack bin at Walmart, so instead of committing to a BIG bag of something that will likely sit around in my snacking cabinet for ages, I can snack on this itty bitty bag instead for a quick and easy quick one-and-done review.
Design-wise, this bag is pretty okay, I like the pops of color, and that it's not overly-obnoxious with it's red and green Holiday theme. That curvy script-style typeface looks lazy, and it would be a LOT stronger if it didn't have that red stroke around it, but overall, not bad. If this were a design assignment I'd give it a solid B, maybe a B-. (Should I start grading designs? That could be fun.)
The coated popcorn pieces inside are coated in a white glossy icing, of some kind, with seasonal sprinkles on top. Bonus point for the popcorn looking exactly like the pieces shown on the bag!
I thought that this might have been coated in white chocolate, but apparently this is some kind of white, opaque, candy coating. Similar to caramel-style corn, or even Jello popcorn. (I should make some of that! It's been ages!)
It tastes...okay. It's got a really bold fake vanilla flavoring, like artificial vanilla extract, and the sprinkles add a little bit of a crunch, but nothing about this makes me think of a soft and chewy sugar cookie. My biggest issue with this stuff is the unusually high kernel count in this bag! Look at this thing! It's itty bitty, but there must have been at least 20 dental-work-hating kernels in this bag that turned a wintery delight into a sugary minefield of pain.

I'm really glad I found this tiny single portioned bag, because if I got the full0sized version I would have been pissed. This stuff reeks of fake vanilla, it is filled with kernels, and the prize inside is just a (admittedly cute) reindeer sticker with a QR code for a game I'll never ever download. For .50 cents, I'd say this still wasn't worth it, but I'm glad I had the tiny bag option, and I'd love for my seasonal and limited edition items to give us this option. (Help a food hoarding food blogger out!)
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