Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Hot Takes on White Confectionery Candy

Apple Pie Kit-Kat - Wawa

Not only is this item made with white crème, but it's also apple-flavored, but there is no mention of apple anywhere in the ingredients. (Other than a vague, "Natural and Artificial Flavors.") Maybe I should have saved this for October, because this is the stuff of my foodie nightmares. 

I blame those novelty white-"chocolate" lollipops from the 90's for my hatred of white candy confections, that and you know..., the fact that most of them taste terrible. I have vivid memories of them being everywhere as a kid. They came in every color and shape imaginable: ballet slippers, turkeys, Easter bunnies, etc. They Pavlov'd me into an irrational reaction of disgust whenever I see white chocolate confections to this day.

Then there's apple. I like real apples, and sour apple flavoring, but there's something about fake-apple, especially when it's emulating baked goods, that makes me feel like I'm eating a scented candle or air freshener.  

So, why did I buy this? Well, I've been hunting down the new Voo-Dew at Wawa and other convenience stores, with no luck, but every shop had a display for the Birthday Cake flavored Kit-Kats...that was filled with these instead. After a few failed stops, and no Voo-Dew, I got annoyed with being empty-handed, so I finally caved and picked one of these up (and a jalapeno-cheese stuffed pretzel), hoping it might be so bad that I would write a funny, and slightly mean, review...

Welp, jokes on me, because this wasn't what I expected. 

When opened, the candy inside smells creamy a mild. There is a light spiciness to the aroma, but it's non-distinct, and quite understated. I can smell a weak cinnamon-apple aroma, but it's almost like smelling the empty cardboard box that used to hold your Apple Jacks. I really thought it was going to be an obnoxious in-your-face artificial aroma, but it wasn't. I was very pleasantly surprised.

I took a bite, and it's quite mild in flavor too. It definitely is NOT my favorite Kit-Kat, but it's far more edible than I ever thought it would be. 

The confectionery base isn't great quality, it's a little waxy, and cloying, and at times I feel like it tastes like coconut oil, but the pie-spices help to cover that up just enough to make it tolerable, and the bit of apple flavoring you do get is rather tangy and fake, with an odd aftertaste, but again, it's tolerable. We aren't in candle territory, but we're right on the cusp between food-and-cosmetic.   

When compared to last year's pumpkin pie and cinnamon Kit-Kat bars, this lies somewhere in the middle. Not as Bath & Body Works-like as the Pumpkin Pie, but not as snack-able as the Cinnamon. 

I don't hate it, but I certainly don't love it and would never buy it again for myself or others, but I can see why those of you who aren't traumatized by white chocolate may like it.  

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