Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Power of VOODEW 2, Electric-Boogaloo

VooDew 2 - 7-Eleven

Mountain Dew is keeping the Halloween spirit alive with their second Halloween Mystery Flavor, MTN DEW VOO-DEW TWO (electric Boogaloo), and it's just what the Witch-Doctor ordered. (And it's a lot of fun to say out loud.)

I was a huge fan of last year's version. Everything from the label design to the flavor itself was so well done, and now it's back again, this time with a new mystery to solve.


As you can see, the packaging hasn't really changed. We have the same shadowy Creepshow-esque figure, but this time the spooky skeletal hand is giving us a peace sign (or more likely showing two fingers to announce this is the second edition.) This version is also more colorful.  
Last year leaned heavy into oranges, purples, whites, and yellow, which CandyHunting correctly deduced were a hint to its true flavoring. (See last year's post HERE to figure out what that was.) This year we have red, green, purple, and yellow. In my opinion, this is just way too colorful. In having so many colors, the spooky design gets lost. I prefer last year's label, but maybe they had to include all these colors for a reason...?

We shall see!  

Once opened, it smells incredibly sweet, and a little citrusy, but definitely fruity. To me, this screams Original Skittles. Which is funny, because everyone thought last year's flavor was Skittles (spoiler alert, it wasn't), so maybe Dew ran head-first into that assumption and went full-Skittle this year?  

I took a sip, and holy cow, is this stuff sweet. This might be the sweetest Dew I've ever had, and if you ask me, this is 100% without a doubt Original Mix Skittles. I can taste Skittle's take on orange, lemon, grape, and strawberry for sure, the only question I have I detect a hint of lime? I am pretty sure this opted for the original Lime Skittles version of the candy mix, because I can't taste any of the green-apple (that I hate) in there, but the "lime" I may be tasting could easily be generic citric acid, or a hint of lemon with a dash of wishful thinking.  

Do I feel refreshed after drinking this? Not at all. Am I more hype for Halloween and Halloween candy? Absolutely. 

In all fairness, I don't think anyone reaches for a MTN DEW because they are actually thirsty, we all want that sweet sugar rush and boost of energy, like humanoid hummingbirds. Even so, I'm having a hard time finishing this bottle. In a perfect world, this would come in mini cans, similar to the Halloween Jones Sodas I've reviewed in the past. I for sure wouldn't have a problem finishing a mini version, and these would be fantastic for Trick-or-Treat (or Trunk-or-Treat) if we can even do that this year...but a 20oz. bottle? This will last me at least a full day of subtle sipping, if not 2 days. Even as throat-burningly-sweet as it is, that doesn't dampen my love for this product. 

VooDew2 is just what we all need right now. It's playful, it's festive, and it tastes like liquid candy. It reignited my love for all things Halloween in the midst of a pandemic and an election year, and honestly, what more can you ask from a bottle of sugar water? 

If you see this around, I highly recommend giving it a try, and if you have kids (or you hate yourself) they sell multi-can packs in the grocery store. I really hope this VooDew trend continues and we see more mystery flavors in the years to come. 

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